Wednesday, April 29, 2009

you should've seen right through

caaaan't wait to see them open for no doubt after my exam in august.

[paramore - decoy (LIVE)]

Friday, April 17, 2009

heavy metal friday: redefined

the record label i interned @ during college began a tradition of Heavy Metal Friday (HMF). it is unclear at this time how prevalent HMF is in other workplaces. i hear it involves guitar hero, jussayin.

Q: what happens if you listen to [insert your favorite non-metal artist] on HMF?

HMF is more an attitude than a music choice. On Fridays you should let your guard down and understand that all your drama in the work place can go on hold. It will be waiting for you on Monday, I promise. It's a time to stop taking yourself so seriously. So grab a cold [beverage], put on some AC/DC and walk away from your computer. Take a long lunch... Read more, hit a happy hour, educate your younger co-workers on the genius of CC DeVille. Whatever you do for HMF, do it with a smile on your face using Van Halen as the soundtrack. Life could be a lot worse.
answer attributed to jason c.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

great northern listening party next wednesday!

great northern is hosting their own listening party tonight NEXT WEDNESDAY (4/22) in la. hear the new album (which i've been raving about, like, forever) remind me where the light is and get free food courtesy of MALO (may i recommend the hamburger taco? thx irene).

RSVP to reserve your spot @

event deets: 8pm-12 midnight @ MALO
located at: 4326 w. sunset blvd., los angeles, ca 90029

also, previously in as the world tweets, their album is STILL available on itunes for the super cheap price of $5.99. well worth every cent, i swear.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

the sounds headlining us tour

apparently the dates are selling out fast, so get yr tix asap.

adaline: famous for fire

adaline is a canadian singer/songwriter who i heard about through the grapevine (don't click if one more mention of twilight makes you want to start hulk!smashing your head into a brick wall). reminds me a tad bit of sara bareilles, but with more eclectic influences, notably electro.

stream her entire album famous for fire here (released april 22, 2008 and available on itunes & cdbaby) & download her song "whiter/straighter" by right-click-save-ing here.

my picks:
- famous for fire (title track)
- meaningless meeting (dark, freedom comes with a price)
- pioneering (jaunty, with handclaps!)
- planes to nowhere (dreamy, rilo kiley-esque + electro-blipping)
- state of mind (has an anthemic quality, could see this being used as a live performance on some cw show).
- we've got something (the simplicity of it makes it beautiful-- i've got something, you've got something, we've got something). this is my absolute favorite song off her album.

[adaline's epk - live performances, etc.]