Thursday, December 31, 2009

top 10 songs of '09

1. Great Northern: Fingers
2. Maria Taylor: Time Lapse Lifeline
3. Metric: Help, I'm Alive
4. Lady Gaga: Bad Romance
5. Regina Spektor: Folding Chair
6. Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester: Good Girls Go Bad
7. The Sounds: Dorchester Hotel
8. Florence + The Machine: Kiss with a Fist
9. Phoenix: 1901
10. Robert Francis: Junebug

i should call it the lilith fair edition... so many female vocalists!

check out the staff of 11:11A.M.'s top picks here.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i tried to do handstands for you

i know this is an old meme, but it came up on yahoo. totally forgot how much i love the song (by a band called chairlift)! i guess the video is super cute, too.

[big squirrel & baby squirrel @ ucla]

here's the official vid:
[chairlift - bruises music vid]

fave lyrics:
i grabbed some frozen strawberries so i could ice your bruising knees
but frozen things they all unfreeze and now i taste like...
all those frozen strawberries i used to chill your bruising knees...
hot july ain't good to me
i'm pink and black and blue for you

Monday, December 28, 2009

party in the us... what?

look, i'm not condoning miley cyrus and her "music," but this -almost- makes it ok.

[uc santa cruz cloud 9 - party in the u.s.a.]

Sunday, December 13, 2009

a capella fever

after checking out this hilar vid of the uc berkeley male a capella group noteworthy (not to be confused w/ BYU's straight-laced-but-pretty-rockin' female a capella group noteworthy who appear on the NBC show The Sing-Off) (and no, Federal Trade Commission, i don't get paid for plugging that show) (where was i?)...

anyhow, here's a slew of a capella videos i unearthed while browsing around youtube. take a look/listen & enjoy!
[uc santa cruz acquire a cappella - i'm on a boat]

FLIPPY FLOPPIES. hilarious and safe for singing along. here's a NSFW language version of the song, performed by the same group.

[uc berkeley decadence - dr. horrible medley]

with my freeze-ray i will stop. the world.

[uc santa cruz cloud 9 - kids & poker face]

weezer did it first @ the paramount party, but still. two of my fave songs in one medley = fabulous!

[uc berkeley decadence - hear you me]

jimmy eat world. a classic, obvi.

[uc berkeley noteworthy - SOAP]

the song that will never die...

speaking of The Sing-Off show... you should watch it and vote for The Socals. thanks!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

small black - despicable dogs

[small black - despicable dogs music vid]

Small Black: Despicable Dogs from Yoonha Park on Vimeo.

wow... i haven't been so moved by a music vid since earlier this year when i watched maria taylor's video for "time lapse lifeline." one of my favorite shots was of the uncle running in front of the flickering tv screen image. do yourself a favor and watch it full screen. it is so beautiful.

Small Black’s “Despicable Dogs” Video Made An Intern Cry proclaims
It’s a day spent with frontbrah Josh Kolenik’s uncle/personal hero, a surfer who looks to be as wise as he is wily.
pitchfork gave their self-titled EP an 8.
But as much as [summer] is about goofy sunglasses and cold beer, it's also about those garden-crippling late-month frosts. And these guys have that sense of yearning on lock... it both warms and bruises at the same time.
you can check out a few more songs, plus a remix of "despicable dogs" on their myspace page.