Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i don't know what i knew before

so, slight change of plans for wed. i do heart get back loretta but the iffy-ness of whether club moscow will manage to run on time (combined with my extreme fear of tween-hipsters) does not mesh well with my schedule. SO. instead, totally stoked to go to see from first to last again @ hob sunset on the take action tour!

life has been busy busy busy. those of you who talk to me IRL - i have not had a free weekend in about 2 weeks. and for the next 2-3 weeks i project that i still will not have any free weekends. then spring break. then return. then finals?(!) oh dear. one day at a time. taking over el mundo takes a lot of work.

also i totally cannot get the feist song out of my head.
[feist - i feel it all on jimmy kimmel 07]... on a bus

Sunday, February 24, 2008

that's why catholic schools use nuns as teachers and not priests

i don't care which democratic candidate you voted for in the primaries.. but this is hilar and so true (regarding the double standard of a man being considered "assertive" while the same quality in a woman automatically labels her a b-word). tina fey @ her finest.

[Hillary Clinton SNL Weekend Update By Tina Fey ]

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i'm willing to break myself, to shake this hell from everything i touch

and now i'm static
as your sky is turning purple and gray
i'm learning that the further that i crawl
the farther that i fall, is that ok?

break myself from the soco album north was not one of my favorite songs when the album came out. i tended to skip over the non-hypercatchy songs and go for songs like space and 21 and invincible. but more and more, i feel like this song is probably the best song on the album (if not w/in the top 3 best songs). it has become my anthem, one that i can sing inside my head and feel energized. motivated. like i should be ready to conquer the world.

i remember reading that andrew said north was a very tense album. it was written in a short period of time, and you can FEEL it in the song. you can feel the desperation, the frustration, the hopelessness of it all.. and then he breaks into the chorus and you feel like you can overcome whatever it is that's holding you back. but it also points out the danger of being so passionate... though i would argue that perhaps we need to be more dangerous, that maybe we need have more passion when we take action.

Friday, February 22, 2008

and breathing is a foreign task

yet another reason why i love my friends.

Andrew: did you know, the tortoise takes only 4 to 5 long, deep breaths per minute, and lives to over 100 years old.

on the other hand, the quick-breathing rat lives only 2 to 3 years.

so let's take a lesson from the tortoise, and focus on our breathing with a nice long belly breath. and by the way, you were born breathing this way - before you ever knew what stress was.
** the preceding was a quote from the "breathing" section of my weird new-agey relaxation CD**

happy friday
Sent at 12:53 PM on Friday

Thursday, February 21, 2008

but if you let go, i'll let go tonight

we'll never be worlds apart

[rihanna w/ the klaxons - umbrella @ brit awards]

her haircut is sooooo fierce. and hey, the advantage to not listening to the radio is that no song is ever overplayed unless i choose to overplay it.

two things you don't want to miss next week:
tues 2/26: sunny day sets fire release party@ the bar in hwood. $5 w/ rsvp (rsvp@cohabit.us), $8 w/o.

2/27: get back loretta @ club moscow aka boardner's aka terrorizing teenage hipsters (they do the terrorizing.. i don't).

Monday, February 18, 2008

you know it will always just be... ME!

i just made the title of this post a panic lyric because i know how much gramurai loves brendon urie.

[the outline - random song clip from new album!]

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

your eyes are the size of the moon

do not deny the ridic catchy brilliantness of this song.

the video is randommmm to the max. the marching band long johns are a lil obscene, no? also... brendon is incredibly animated, which is sort of freaky. he needs a haircut stat. still have undeniable love for ryro. ummm spencewentz-- shave that thing. you look like a caveman. jwalk-- no comments for you.

[panic at the disco - nine in the afternoon music vid]

you are beautiful, but you don't mean a thing to me

napping (fitfully) DOES NOT WORK. it's no good when you wake up from said nap and distinctly remember that the theme of the nightmare has to do with a subject from class. this needs to end. now. please.

various questions:
- should i get a subscrip to the wsj?
- should i upgrade to flickrpro?
- hillary or obama?
- can i take life any more seriously than i do now? rhet. don't answer.

finally bought myself some presents from 31CL:
seagull party at sunset tote & tennis king tote bag (though it looks a tad small for a tote)
idk. they're so cute!

Monday, February 11, 2008

i don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else... but you

i think the more you try to simplify your life, the more complicated it gets (or.. at least it feels that way). trying to get focused on a few solid goals. obvi one of them is taking over the world. but not in an overt way. i guess saying it on here makes it fairly overt doesn't it..

let's go for covert world domination.

have had a lot of time to take a leave of absence... seeing what i'm made of. i need to go to a show soon. making to-do lists obsesssively, checking things off, etc. there's really no end to the things i have to get done. yet... they will get done eventually, i hope. remind self that "when you die, your 'in basket' won't be empty." still do not understand people who have direction in their lives. like.. how do you do that?

have been all over the place with music lately... i've kept my ipod mini on shuffle in the car and suprisingly, i am enjoying it. usually i'm a "play the whole album all the way through" kind of person. i guess i'm enjoying the randomness of it all.

do i hope for too much? who cares. never settle.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

vintage britney

before the insanity, there was awesome pop music. remember when she used to be good??
thank you rollingstone.

[britney spears - born to make you happy music vid]
**one of my fave singles. with the most ridic dance moves. ummm also it's apparent she's has a nose job since then. jussayin. omgrofl hot dude. hahahahahahahahahh. tanorexia! remember tj her dancer? good times.

[britney spears - stronger music vid]
**best chair dancing scene evs.

[britney spears - overprotected remix music vid]
**amazing song made even better w/ the remix. idk what's up with her outfits though.

[britney spears - toxic music vid]
**three haircolor changes, 2 hot random models (last dude was sorta of the non-hot variety though), laser beams, a sequin bodysuit... remember when she actually cared about how she looked? serio.

Monday, February 04, 2008

we're destruction at its finest

1. obsessed with tsc's no really, i'm fine. how did i not realize this when it came out in 07? i suck. the cd rules.

2. saw the audition last week @ knitting factory as a pre-birthday celebration. their live show has def gotten a lot tighter and their mgr says their new album champion is "sexier than their last album." i think i'll have to take his word for it until i borrow e's copy. totes loved seeing my sd friends come up for the show!

3. ireney took me to see ryan adams @ royce hall at (f)ucla on my birthday. i had heard of ryan but i never listened to any of his music... was definitely pleasantly surprised. has kind of a country/rock feel to him, he tells incredible jokes/stories (he has a fantastically sardonic, sarcastic, self-deprecating sense of humor, which is all my kind of thing). his cover of oasis's "wonderwall" seriously gave me chills. the lighting was beautiful, though i wish they would put more of a spotlight on him so i could see his expressions better. the tripwire has a great review of his sf show.. along with an excellent list of quotes at the end.

i guess one of the best quotes from the show i was at (well.. only because i'm like 12 years old) was: "MY THING FELL OFF... AGAIN!" to which his guitar dudes said "he meant his metal clip thing..." oddly fitting, since on our way into the parking lot, we saw an SUV with the license plate holder "DETATCHABLE PIANIST."

4. download the grad's the evergreen ep for free off of absolutepunk here. it's a zip file so it goes slow. patience.

5. the format is "on hiatus." WHYYYYYYYY. ugh upset.

that's it for the music roundup.
signing off.