Wednesday, August 24, 2011

baby fever

i held a baby this weekend, and (after my initial terror) i liked it. video soon.

- meow

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

show us your bones

last month, i was able to catch milo greene with ampersandblues at a free UCLA Hammer Museum Also, I Like to Rock show, as well as at the last night of the RACES residency at bootleg theater. RACES reminds me of arcade fire, for sure.  super huge crowds and so much excellence at both shows, including a lil band from long beach called pageants at the bootleg gig-- they sounded very low-fi and i was instantly reminded of best coast. no surprise there-- turns out (according to their wiki page) they are recording with bobb bruno of best coast. t/f can someone confirm?

check out further loveliness from milo greene. way to get signed by alex pastavas' label in like, 2.5 seconds. hahah

[milo greene - autumn trees]

this fall, they've got the coveted slot of opening for the civil wars--who recently recorded a daytrotter session on 8/9/11 (best part: the session is totally downloadable).  the LA date is @ the wiltern on 11/19/11, so grab your tickets here before they're gone.

the next week (i think), i followed up with the same KCRW/Hammer Museum series to check out the charming lil three-piece lady danville. i had seen them "open" for jack's mannequin @ the viper room previously (by "open," i mean they played the same night at a less favorable set time-- after the show).  they were super nice and adorable and begged my friend(s) to stay, so that's why i was there. and was immediately won over.

i caught some of their set when they embarked on the jack's mannequin tour earlier this summer, but i missed out on their cover of MGMT's "kids," which, if you know me, is probably my favorite-ist song of all time. so here ya go:

Lady Danville - Kids (MGMT Cover) by CivEZ

Thursday, August 11, 2011

dancehall queen

[robyn - call your girlfriend]
 um, will someone please show me how to dance like robyn? loves it.