Wednesday, January 30, 2008

it are my birfday. kthxbai

moar funny pictures

Monday, January 28, 2008

i'm a wreck, i'm a mess, you're a stranger

both the maine and the morning light have recently signed to fearless records.

handclaps and singalong melodies!! how can you not smile.

The Maine does The Morning Light

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i swear i just loldied.

[tom cat - unmasked (scientology vid parody)]

Friday, January 25, 2008

ur fame. i haz it.

my west coast winter tour photos (jack's mannequin - who else - @ soma on 02.02.07) are featured on please check out the link belowwwwwz


Monday, January 21, 2008

i miss the playgrounds and the animals, and digging up worms

more news:
- ddl roundhouse @ the avalon 1/25. no deets given on the ticket sitch yet. sit tight.
- mgmt w/ yeasayer @ the echo 1/26. more deets and tour dates on their myspace page. album oracular spectacular out 1/22 (but avail on itunes now).
capes(!) + fave song below.
[mgmt on letterman - time to pretend]

also check out a review of their cd and mp3 download of "time to pretend" here, courtesy of thetripwire.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

i fear what comes first, the things that hide in the night

[dear jack - docu clip]

for more info-- click here.

punctuation! at the disco

finally posted my jack's photos from the orpheum benefit shows.
october 16
october 17

[jack's mannequin - orpheum theatre - october 17, 2007]
went to best buy to pick up some cds.. finally jumping on the silversun pickups bandwagon-- love the fuzzy guitars.

in other hodge-podge news:

- mezzanine owls w/ the teenagers @ the echo 1/22. d/l "snow globes" at's free mp3 of the day.

- the audition is touring now. album out 1/22 but preview it on myspace. la show 1/29 knitting factory. totally excited to dance around and lolsq.

- treaty of paris is opening for yellowcard/mxpx. deets on their myspace.

- jimmy eat world and paramore are CO-HEADLINING. paramore has basically exploded. need to catch this tour since i totally missed both when they came around to la due to conflicts with my evening class. BUT NOT THIS SEMESTER.

- jack's and the spill canvas tour together this yr.

- p!atd is no longer. THEY DROPPED THE ! so we're back to patd. so does this mean we panic, but without emphasis or excitement? they talk about grammar or something here.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i know i'm a disappointment, but i bet it all and never folded

links! v.01.17.08

pondering getting a acct. i'll bet that it'd make posting links a lot easier.

we japanese are invent-ful... the fortune cookie is actually japanese! [thanks vanessa]

31 corn lane - massive sale. someone buy me the seagull party at sunset tote.

yale boosts student financial aid.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

quesadillas and juno

irene and i went to eat at poquito mas at westwood + olympic before catching juno @ the landmark theatre in the westside pavil. my food was delish, as always (the cheese quesadilla kids meal, which they gave to me at the kids price-- sweeet). way too many ucla kids there though.

juno was abs adorb. on top of being witty and hilarious, it had THE AWESOMEST MUSIC. seriously. side note: maybe i should just go to see "indie" films to listen to the music. despite a few annoyances with the guy sitting behind me who. kept. kicking. my chair. (ps. buddy, if you can feel me pushing my chair back IN RESISTANCE against yr foot, i'm PRETTY SURE that you should take it as a sign of annoyance. just venturing a guess.) tangentttt. okay. what i wanted to say was that the film was fantastic. def lived up to the hype. i still can't get over the fact that jl spears went to see that movie when they announced her pregnancy. weird.

school is intense! will temporarily take the social activities down a notch, but will prob head out once in awhile. i should get back to reading... oh ps. i turn 25 at the end of this month.

Friday, January 04, 2008

oh, the weather outside is frightful


this is why i love pete wentz carroll: 23 Reasons Why A Profile of Pete Carroll Does Not Appear in this Space.

this is why the right coast may be not only more stylish, but more witty than the left coast: NY Magazine's Daily Intelligencer - All Gossip Girl Posts.

this is why graham cracker - not to be confused with uncle kracker - of the outline is hilario: punning with the devil.

and finally, this is why your scene sucks. so is it really sad of me to admit that i probably know real people who fit those profiles? really? sad?


taken from

Late night television returned last night with Letterman, Leno and Conan all getting back on the air after a two month hiatus due to the ongoing writers strike. Although Letterman was fortunate enough to negotiate a deal with the WGA through his Worldwide Pants production company, bringing back his entire writing staff, Leno and Conan are having to do it on their own. What makes this a bit more challenging is that the two are in the WGA, therefore they can't write during the strike either.

For Conan's grand debut last night, he had to resort to pulling out plenty of zany Conan-isms, with much of the opening segment revolving around his newly grown beard and spinning his wedding ring on his desk. He did piece together an amusing video, showing what his staff has been doing for the past two months, including annoying his fellow co-workers with his guitar playing and jamming on the Rock Band video game. This resulted in an amusing rendition of Conan singing Radiohead's "Creep," as well as Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" which he sang in the voice of Edith Bunker. Check out the video below... and welcome back Conan!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

if you got money, you get in for free

one of my fave songs off of their album viva la cobra!

[cobra starship - the city is at war music vid]

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

you wore my love like sapphires

i got the minipop cd a new hope back in early november, and like most of the things in my life, i shelved everything till i was done with the semester. they've been compared to eisley a lot because of their dreamy, whimsical sound. the album makes me nostalgic for simple times like swinging on the swings at the park during sunset with my shoes off, while dragging my feet through the sand... and blowing dandelion seeds in the wind. (if anyone does this while listening to the album, please let me know how it turned out.) EDIT: also.. i wrote the dandelion part before i realized that's what's on the album cover. way to be perceptive.

my picks: someone to love, generator, fingerprints, butterflies... okay seriously. i give up, just listen to the whole album. check out their quirky video below.

[minipop - like i do music vid]

ps. in other nye-related news, how cute did hayley from paramore look on that nye masquerade 2008 mtv party (watch it here)? looove her hair.

okay done.