Wednesday, September 29, 2010

M.I.A. M.A.O.

sorry, y'all. been keeping quiet and laying low lately. i am at the beginning stages of sickness, which i'm DESPERATELY attempting to fend off. i hope it's working.

i have gone through some of my pictures from the final something corporate show @ club nokia. some decent ones, methinks. hope to have those posted before... idk, the next century. someday, maybe.

what have i been doing recently/i hope you find this fascinating:
welllllll--i shot some photos of the analog playset / andrew's acoustic show (apologies in advance: pix are not that great, due to my lack of ability to work with lights or basically shoot anything other than shows, wah wah). robots, which are custom decorated by various famous scenesters, were on display. you can still bid on them here for the two remaining days of the auction; proceeds benefit the dear jack foundation! a very worthy cause, imo. not that i'm biased or anything. ;)

i'm also starting to put together my hallowGLEEn costume; there will be a substantial amount of DIY-ing, possible sewing, involved this year. attended vampire weekend @ the bowl on sunday during this ~intense~ heat wave; maintained my ~hipster cred~ by enjoying beach house.

work work work work work more work blah this is boring. i went on a hike.

what's coming up? wherein i pretend i have a life
on friday, literally going to a show just to see an opening band. sorry, other dudes/bands. the graduate @ the key club is probably one of my most anticipated shows of this season, since they haven't been touring extensively the past however many years. WELCOME BACK TO LA.

10/7-10/10 hitting up the (inaugural) FILTER magazine's culture collide fest all over SL with jaime | ampersandblues. check out their crazy delicious line-up below. pretty stoked for tokyo police club, the outline, and whomever else i may discover while traipsing around on sunset...

then azure ray @ the troubadour on 10/22... and best coast @ the troubadour on 11/13. best coast arguably runs one of the wackiest twitter accounts around. seriously, i wish i were as much fun as her/them.

my bedtime is fast approaching. au revoir.