Tuesday, January 26, 2010

get back loretta @theviperroom

freebie time: RSVP & post your full name on the wall of the FB event page (or fan + message them, i'm not sure which is more effective) for get back loretta @ the viper room this thursday, jan. 28th.


on an unrelated note-- though related in the sense that it is moar awesome music-- here's a video treat (via jaime)!
[freelance whales - generator 1st floor]

lucy schwartz - gravity

tomorrow night, i'll be checking out this lovely lady, lucy schwartz, who is having her record release show @ hotel café. her EP help me! help me! just came out on iTunes today.

this might be my first show of 2010 (is it? can anyone confirm?), so i'm excited to dip my toes back into the scene with a smaller show. lucy's only 20 years old (in the meantime, i'm turning 27 -- OH THE HORROR -- at the end of the week; presents are of course welcome; and yes, everything in this blog is always about me) and she's got an impressive resumé already: she's crafting original songs, opening and closing credits to films, and having her music synced to various tv shows. she's also been featured on KCRW (where i first heard her, actually) & has been dubbed an "emerging artist to watch."

you can d/l a track for FREE here. free is my favorite number, y'all. speaking of free... what are you guys doing on thursday night? stay tuned.

Friday, January 15, 2010

hot chip will break your legs, snap off your head

hello all... MLK weekend is upon us. hopefully y'all have some fun and/or restful plans in store.

lately, i've been a homebody. a lot of job applying, buffy s2 watching (i'm on the last 2 episodes!), reading (outliers by malcolm gladwell), clearly -not- blogging, working, getting my 8+ hours of sleep. I'M BORING. it's the dangers of turning 27.

[miike snow - silvia music vid]

hate to say this, but "silvia" totes should've been on the New Moon soundtrack (which was given to me for the law school edition of secret santa). please don't kill me.

also: saw the vid for "feel it in my bones" by tiesto feat. tegan & sara. holy cow, that song was amazing. but the internetz gods were angry and took it down.... boo. but in other news of videos-that-haven't-been-taken-down (but are un-embeddable): hot chip's "one life stand." what a jaunty and excellent song!

finally, please sign up to volunteer for KCRW’s Winter Subscription Drive 2010. it's pretty much the only radio station worth listening to.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

so everybody put your best suit or dress on

what's up, people of the partying variety? first post of 2010. i know you're as excited as i am...

inquiring minds (read: me) need to know: is this ryan ross @ cinespace tuesdays? please to confirm or deny. if it is him (i mean, the choice of wardrobe seems fairly dead-on), then i can't believe i missed it (read: him)!