Saturday, April 26, 2008

i don't sleep much anymore, and i'm so tired all the time

wahwahwahhh i know, the whining never stops. so deal.

this summer will be my last proper summer vacay. evs. next summer, i graduate (well.. hopefully), study for le bar, pass le bar (well.. hopefully). maybe travel (i've never been to europe- how uncultured am i?). then i get to work for the rest of my life, like you normal folk. ah, the life of a student. or an academic. whatev.

so much to do. i mean, even after i finish this sem. there's too little time in this world to accomplish all the things i make lists for. also need to save monies and see friends. see shows. disneyland. haircut. photos. i think surrounding yourself w/ positive energy is important, even though that might seem contradictory w/ all the things i complain about. but that's what i do. complain, dispel, i feel better. repeat process as necessary. (the fact that other people don't feel as good, hearing my complaints, is irrelevant haHA)

if you like LOST, read my friend's blog: the url pretty much says it all.

it's incredibly nice out here (rather warm, really). i don't feel as bad about not going to coachella since a) that's impossible; b) i'd probably have a heat stroke of some sort; c) i'll probably start hallucinating (non-substance induced, please) my outlines again. good times.

summer awaits.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

our time is running out

shortest finals period ever... how will i fare? here's to many productive sessions of studying.. i need it. also, my tolerance for caffeine has gone up tremendously in the past few weeks. moar pleas.

see you on the other side (5/5). xoxo

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


[treaty of paris - hob sunset - april 12, 2008] [the spill canvas- hob sunset - april 12, 2008]

Thursday, April 10, 2008

follow the bright lights, they might change you

sooo ready to hit up la barca and then fangirl this saturday. oh and treaty of paris and tsc later that night as well. woot

usc springfest 2008 lineup: april 12, mccarthy quad.
LINE UP (below are the suggested times to arrive in order to ensure that you get to see the act you want)
-Lupe Fiasco (9:30)
-De La Soul (8:15)
-Del Tha Funky Homosapien (7:00)
-Aceyalone (6:30)
-Rwandan Artists (5:45)
-Saosin (4:45)
-The Aquabats (3:45)
-Young Love (3:00)
-Self Against City (2:45)
-William Tell (2:00)
-You, Me and Everyone We Know (1:30)
-Brighten (1:00)
-Anarbor (12:30)
-Fable (12:15)
-Minority (12:00)
-The Chase (11:45)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

but i really think it's guts that matter most

random field trip to ventura theatre! highlights:
- spazzing out on gchat (you want to drive... separately? what?)
- sepulveda to the 101 = so full of win
- free pkg
- we're here for the opening bands.. really.
- "he's dressed in plaid." "he's justin platt?"
- treaty bbfries!
- drummers!
- the spill canvas merch doesn't fit into the van.. stripey thinks we're creeps.
- "not a parking ticket" notes left on windshield
- someone needs to shave. badly.
- in-n-out on the way home & fresh fries.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008