Monday, December 31, 2007

so this is the new year, and i don't feel any different

hello all.

there are 5.5 hours left of 2007.
what are you doing tonight? what am i doing? (answer: probably nothing) i think i'm getting old... no desire to get dressed and go out and mingle.

i have been cleaning the last few days, which is nice. it's amazing how much junk i've managed to amass since i've moved home. it feels good to have a (semi-)clean desk and (semi-)clean bathroom.

get back loretta show was a lot of fun... dirty sweet played right before them and they were like, real ROCK. they were fantastic, enthusiastic, and really together, which was refreshing.

resolutions: blog often. stay in touch with friends. work hard. go to shows. take pictures. be nicer. (subtly) take over the world, and retain my soul while doing so.
be a better human being.
what are your resolutions?


Saturday, December 29, 2007

spaceland, tonight

i finished reading the golden compass. loved it A LOT. not usually into this whole fantasy//etc. genre (aka i refuse to watch/read harry potter) but-- the protagonist is easy to root for, there's plenty of mystery and adventure, and the talking polar bears, witches, daemons... i'm going to start the next book of the trilogy, perhaps finish before the beginning of the sem.

tonight, though, you should be going to this @ spaceland. i've heard the promise of ice cream cone cupcakes awaits...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

measuring your minutes by a clock that's blinking eights

first entry of post-finals bliss! well, not so much bliss as "relief." i'm tired.

the past week has been weird. it's been a tough year/semester and i'm pretty glad it's over. what i'm not excited about is having to get books for next sem... ugh. too soon. i'm going to live in denial for the next few days. WHO EVEN NEEDS SCHOOL?

see here for eastern conference champions' charming lil vid for "the box" which premiered on aol's the spinner.

what else? oh. winter break goals: 1) organize and post photos; 2) redo/reorg room; 3) get a haircut; 4) catch up on all the music i left behind during the year. seriously.

get back loretta on the 29th @ spaceland. it'll happen.

Friday, December 14, 2007

sneaking out and making ties

so.. random:

1) i'm upset that's frontpage ruined antm for me. i didn't see the cycle finale on wed (hence, the ruinage), but watched the last two week's worth of eps that i missed where bianca (hated her) and heather were cut. saleisha won? meh.

2) my last final is on tuesday. i am beyond excited. i may shed a few tears.

3) debating re: metro station @ chain reaction on 12/30. since i missed their wiltern show w/ mcs and missed more than half of their set the last time i went to see them @ the alley in fullerton, seriously. WANT TO GO. counterargument: the average age at the show will be, like 14.5. serio. idk if i can deal.

4) last friday, after my brain completely pooped out on me, i decided to head out to from first to last's show @ troub. they were running early but i was able to catch a good chunk of their set. normally-- i have to say, i'm not much of a screamo fan (in terms of recorded music) BUT i have to say-- their live show was AWESOME. kids shouting back lyrics, mini-moshing (i guess as "mosh pit"-like as the troubadour can get... they'll be on the take action tour in the spring (presale link here) // and are confirmed for warped tour 2008 in the summer.

5) check out this piece on office on mtvnews!

that's it for now.