Saturday, January 07, 2012

SASS 2012

2011 was full of ups and downs. while i was a dutiful little worker bee for the first six months, i was unexpectedly placed in a rather strangely-opportune state of unemployment. that four month stretch actually gave me quite a bit of time to decompress, gather my wits, reflect, and come back into the work force fully energized.

my resolutions from 2011: overall, i feel i have been mildly successful (with the exception of photo-ing/blogging more, which was an ultimate fail). i also achieved some things which only entered my calendar when i was on the prowl for a job. was given the opportunity to volunteer for a non-profit, to volunteer at the LA Superior Court, and to travel to oberlin, ohio and meet my BFF's baby nora, whom i absolutely adore (if you know me, you will know that i am a BABY STAYS IN THE CORNER-type of person, but this lil one is the exception.). i had committed to taking a japanese proficiency test, so even after i started my new job- i studied. now i know that i can do more to keep learning new things, even while working.

big plans for 2012: after much discussion, i have come up with a catchy acronym which summarizes my goals for this year. it is: Successful Austerity* & Socialization Strategy, better known as "SASS."
*inspired in part by facebook postings by my friend christine c., which juxtaposed descriptive sentences involving "AUSTERITY 2012" with a picture of a $4K pair of shoes. long live shoe sales.

photos from the 2nd Annual DJF Benefit, featuring william beckett (formerly of the academy is...), fun., and jack's mannequin/something corporate, have been posted to their official flickr.

Dear Jack Foundation Benefit Show - November 11, 2011

Dear Jack Foundation Benefit Show - November 11, 2011

this week is going to get a little nutso for me. shows @ the viper room and then @ the troubadour wed-thurs. hope i make it through!