Wednesday, November 26, 2008

and so the lion ate the lamb for breakfast

twilight - the movie

+ i ship rpattz/ray-bans and jacob/formal wear. a lot.

+ my favorite character, alice!!!

+ baseball scene (alice and jasper ftw!)

+ kitchen scene (emmett wave, alice entrance, edward's expressions)

+ victoria/rachelle lefevre is fierce (but hardly has any lines)

+ charlie, ngl you actually felt for him when he said "we could do things..."

+ YOU BROUGHT A SNACK - never fails

+ ok i love edward's vamp!hair. sorry. and rpattz's overacting when he's being emo. i kind of expected it given how expressive he is IRL. what i did not expect was the endless lulz it brought.

+ the humans-- yes, they were cheesy. and stereotypical. and whoa! multicultural. but at least they were there, being human... instead of like random side characters that bella forgets about by the time the series is over. i liked when bella sees them being normal and joking around while exiting a restaurant/coffee shop (?) when she's in the truck trying to escape james.

- kstew: i get it. you have a fierce b!tchface which is kind of awesome in photographs. but look, even though bella is the biggest non-character ever, i don't think bella looked permanently aloof and/or comatose the whole time. where was the obsessive bella? where was the effect of being "dazzled?" you throw in a scene about you dreaming about him and then "you're beautiful" and then you're like 0 to sparkle!love in 20 seconds. what gives?

- also, i'm fairly certain kstew was playing the role of bella kstew.

- meadow scene: mostly lolarious. see: delivery of "as if you could outrun me! as if you could fight me off!"; see also: sparkle!time "this is the skin of a killah!"

- plot holes and/or things that are assumed because apparently we've all read the book: fan blowing in bio lab, where is 20 questions in the volvo, why do they love each other (other than that she's a freesia-scented nomnom), why bella doesn't wear more clothes when she's lying next to ice-cold marble adonis edward, inexplicable pianoward bella's lullaby, where's jasper's power, lack of explanation re: alice's vision of seeing vamp!bella, lack of explanation in ballet studio of how alice got vamped... ok, sorry, too much fail for one bullet point.

- still not convinced that nikki reed is rosalie. she looked like she was going to laugh when bella said "oh, where i become a meal?" and the jeans in the cafeteria scene. were. atrocious. plz to be burning your wardrobe kthxbai

- sepia-toned flashbacks were lame.

- i still do not get how easy it was for bella to escape alice and jasper. one, jasper is highly sensitive to emotions and feelings. two, alice is A PSYCHIC VAMPIRE. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO ESCAPE A VAMPIRE WHO ALREADY KNOWS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO?

- the movie needed MOAR JACKSPER.

list is subject to change w/o further notice.

UPDATE: the always incredible cleolinda has posted her "twilight in 15 mins" parody. plz to be reading. ~*spoiler alert*~ don't read it if you don't want breaking dawn ruined for you. or if you take the movie really, really, really seriously.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

all me, he's mine... my snack!

snack attack all day! starbursts... rice crackers... chocolate truffles... hungry again. my eating habits = OOC and really, what is stopping me from eating myself into some sort of excessive sugar/carb/random meat coma? i will never know. one of the many consequences of staying at home to study. whatev, gotta store up some energy reserves for finals anyway.

took a listen to the death cab cd, narrow stairs. none of the songs really caught my ear the way transatlanticism or plans did, but i'm hoping it was just cos i was distracted.

remember when i said i would stop talking about this movie? no. oldie but a goodie:
[twilight trailer spoof]

he still has my nickelback cd, i kinda want that back...

k, it's been a long day for me. goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.
king of this pity party

Friday, November 21, 2008

you'd better hold on tight, spidermonkey

last night, the sounds played a few new songs that they've been recording. so so so good. i esp liked the first one... not sure what it was called though. of course, old crowd-pleasing favorites were played, and i again have a massive crush on all of the members. i hope they don't read this.

twilight = oh deer. i'm going to save my commentary for another day. excuse me while i mourn the loss of my brain cells and my dignity. and my hopes for this movie. ::sits down in a corner, facing the wall::

as you may notice, the time left until finals begin and the time spent utilizing procrastination methods are inversely related. therefore, i think i'm starting a new series of blog posts called "adventures in procrastination." this is where i blog about whatever i feel like blogging about. plus my mom is gone for a few weeks which means my eating habits are going to be absolutely insane.

for example, today i have eaten:
4:00am: mcdonald's chicken strips, med fries, and a med diet coke
1:00pm: chicken thigh, skittles
6:00pm: slice of pep pizza, a few bites of fish, edamame
ETA: 10:00pm: chocolate truffle, miso soup

that was probably the most protein i've gotten this whole week.

also, ETA: thoughts for the day
- what is the sound of one vampire sparkling? trust me... they do.
- if edward sparkles, and bella isn't around to hear it, then does edward make a sparkle!noise?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my thoughts you can't decode

[paramore - decode on jimmy kimmel live]

photos of hayley and the gang (yes, i know paramore is a band) at the twilight premiere here courtesy of ONTD.

out of the two songs on the twilight soundtrack, i think i prefer "i caught myself" mostly b/c it more in the vein of pop-py/punk paramore. decode is just too much angstward/bellaswansong, tbh.

ps. the hq option on youtube is sooooooooooo much awesomer than reg. q!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the city lights are bright enough to blind me

the sounds @ the palladium this thursday, nov. 20, 2008. get yr tix here on livenation. doors 7, show 8. also, i may or may not be dressed up as alice cullen... yes, i do have some shame, just take my word for it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

the oohlas love you

i'm two months late, but whatever. go check out the oohlas' new tunezzz here on their blog (i searched high and low trying to figure out if i could embed the player here.. but alas i'm not that technologically advanced). ETA: madcao is my hero!

new trax sounded SO good when i was at the show @ the roxy. hells yea!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

what makes you drink, sit and sink

caught part of the grad's set on thurs @ the troub. leave it to me to be incapable of leaving on time, and leave it to LA to dish out some optimal traffic when i'm trying to get to a venue like 6 miles from my house. they're heading back home and then to baltimore to write/record etc. so it'll be awhile till they're out here again.

since anhedonia revisited won't be released, here are two tracks that were going to be on the release that the band re-recorded. download from the links below... to your heart's content:

click to d/l "the formula"
click to d/l "interlude 2.0"

[the graduate - interlude 2.0]

ps. the skippy part @ 3.17 interlude 2.0 is quite possibly my favorite moment evs. *continues inarticulate fawning*

Thursday, November 13, 2008

sippin' the kool aid

ngl, the vid gives me the creeps, but i've heard it on indie 2x and thought it was a fab song.. the kind that would totally get me going during a workout.. if.. i were ever to make it to the gym. sorry, mom, for still making you pay for my membership. anyhow, it's techno rock ish and totally energizing. see below.

[pendulum - propane nightmares music vid]

also i just got the shinys, dcfc, and TAI cds. yay weekend project.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i wrote a book about myself, and i liked it


apologies in advance if you think my obsession with twilight is problematic (but the movie comes out in a week and i am ready to squee like the fangirl i am at the midnight showing). move along, nothing to see here.

what's better than the movie is the PR mess the two leads are creating. SO HILAR. idk how you would even try to play this off as somehow positive. trust me, i can turn a lot of words around on you... but this... this is epic.

rpattz dallas interview: at 2:13 "...when i first read it, i thought that stephenie meyer completely believed that she was bella, and she was just completely insane, and this wass just her private sexual fantasy novel, which seems published by accident."

kstew article: (re: stalker fans @ shooting locations) "I just didn't pay attention," Stewart recalls. "I was like, 'You guys are celebrating something that has not come true yet. So, you are really retarded and have nothing to do with this creative process and I really don't want to hear you celebrate in front of me. Get out of here! It's my responsibility!'"

rpattz e! online interview: a deluge of choice quotes... where shall i begin. perhaps at 3:33: "when i read it... i was convinced that stephenie was convinced that she was bella." "it was like a book that wasn't supposed to be published"... more sexual fantasy... blah blah "this woman is mad, and in love with her own fictional creation."

perhaps this is his form of revenge for smeyer saying "i don't think you'd want him for a boyfriend." rob was troubled by this statement for awhile, as evidenced in this interview by variety.

epic twi-spam roundup by cleolinda here.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

cruel to be kind, in the right measure

letters to cleo (reunion!), tonight @ the roxy. the oohlas r opening. doors at 8.

i can has a nostalgic moment?

hay there, edward and jacob

i guess this is an old meme but twilight is a relatively recent phenom... watch/listen to it once, you won't be able to forget it. read the interesting history of the song originally from sweden (but eventually crossed over to japan) on wikipedia.

[caramell - (twilight) caramelldansen]

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

a family of trees wanted, to be haunted

[jack's mannequin - kids (acoustic MGMT cover)]

i'm never going to get over this song.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

10 things i hate about you

before miley cyrus ruined that whole line with her 7 things song... blah blah ok i don't hate her. i just have a lot of love for that movie, okay?

anyhow, i've been neglecting my blog and abusing my twitter. i also don't have much of a social life (le sigh) so it's been increasingly difficult to keep up with everything going on. some updates:

- shiny toy guns have an album out today-- kind of loving "ghost town." need to get on that asap.
- the oohlas are opening for letters to cleo, this saturday @ the roxy. get tickets here. i bought one extra so i need a date.
- the graduate is no longer re-releasing their anhedonia-revisited album. they'll be @ the troub on the 13th with ludo and the higher. tix here. (e, are we still going?)
- the sounds are @ the palladium on the 21st.

Monday, November 03, 2008

dear google

please remove these grammatically incorrect "yes on prop 8" ads from my blog. i will love you more than i already do.


ps. NO ON PROP 8 FTW!!!

get in the car, i'm a friend of your mother

[paramore - decode music video]

ngl guys, twilight coming out in nov is like xmas came early for me. before finals. and that is the only time it would count, anyway.

ETA: srry guys, mtv has an "embed" option yet it doesn't work on blogger... fail.