Monday, December 31, 2007

so this is the new year, and i don't feel any different

hello all.

there are 5.5 hours left of 2007.
what are you doing tonight? what am i doing? (answer: probably nothing) i think i'm getting old... no desire to get dressed and go out and mingle.

i have been cleaning the last few days, which is nice. it's amazing how much junk i've managed to amass since i've moved home. it feels good to have a (semi-)clean desk and (semi-)clean bathroom.

get back loretta show was a lot of fun... dirty sweet played right before them and they were like, real ROCK. they were fantastic, enthusiastic, and really together, which was refreshing.

resolutions: blog often. stay in touch with friends. work hard. go to shows. take pictures. be nicer. (subtly) take over the world, and retain my soul while doing so.
be a better human being.
what are your resolutions?


Saturday, December 29, 2007

spaceland, tonight

i finished reading the golden compass. loved it A LOT. not usually into this whole fantasy//etc. genre (aka i refuse to watch/read harry potter) but-- the protagonist is easy to root for, there's plenty of mystery and adventure, and the talking polar bears, witches, daemons... i'm going to start the next book of the trilogy, perhaps finish before the beginning of the sem.

tonight, though, you should be going to this @ spaceland. i've heard the promise of ice cream cone cupcakes awaits...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

measuring your minutes by a clock that's blinking eights

first entry of post-finals bliss! well, not so much bliss as "relief." i'm tired.

the past week has been weird. it's been a tough year/semester and i'm pretty glad it's over. what i'm not excited about is having to get books for next sem... ugh. too soon. i'm going to live in denial for the next few days. WHO EVEN NEEDS SCHOOL?

see here for eastern conference champions' charming lil vid for "the box" which premiered on aol's the spinner.

what else? oh. winter break goals: 1) organize and post photos; 2) redo/reorg room; 3) get a haircut; 4) catch up on all the music i left behind during the year. seriously.

get back loretta on the 29th @ spaceland. it'll happen.

Friday, December 14, 2007

sneaking out and making ties

so.. random:

1) i'm upset that's frontpage ruined antm for me. i didn't see the cycle finale on wed (hence, the ruinage), but watched the last two week's worth of eps that i missed where bianca (hated her) and heather were cut. saleisha won? meh.

2) my last final is on tuesday. i am beyond excited. i may shed a few tears.

3) debating re: metro station @ chain reaction on 12/30. since i missed their wiltern show w/ mcs and missed more than half of their set the last time i went to see them @ the alley in fullerton, seriously. WANT TO GO. counterargument: the average age at the show will be, like 14.5. serio. idk if i can deal.

4) last friday, after my brain completely pooped out on me, i decided to head out to from first to last's show @ troub. they were running early but i was able to catch a good chunk of their set. normally-- i have to say, i'm not much of a screamo fan (in terms of recorded music) BUT i have to say-- their live show was AWESOME. kids shouting back lyrics, mini-moshing (i guess as "mosh pit"-like as the troubadour can get... they'll be on the take action tour in the spring (presale link here) // and are confirmed for warped tour 2008 in the summer.

5) check out this piece on office on mtvnews!

that's it for now.

Friday, November 30, 2007

boys, grab your guns

shows i would be attending if i weren't studying...

THE SOUNDS: (check their myspace for further deets)
Dec 9 2007 @ the avalon (hwood) w/ the bravery, 18+ SOLD OUT
Dec 18 2007 @ vic theatre (chicago) w/ the bravery, 18+
Dec 20 2007 @ webster hall (nyc) support act tba, 18+

CHRISTMAS SWEATER FEST: (see here for tix)
Dec 14 2007 @ crash mansion in la. see flier below.

MY AMERICAN HEART: yes, i'm emo and i'm totally 12. deal with it.
go to their website for tix/dates to their california love tour. finally: paul tao says you should go to this: in his words: "Come to one of the shows. The Black Ghosts are playing. The one on Friday the 14th at 8-10 pm is free Dewar's and then free vodka at PYT 10-11. You know what that means? THREE HOURS OF FREE ALCOHOL." (you can tell those are his words cos i don't usually use caps)

so everyone.. please go out and get a life. for me.

Monday, November 26, 2007

my dreams haunt me in my sleep

cocoa krispies ftw

The Graduate Video Podcast #3

Add to My Profile More Videos

umm also while we're on this narcissism kick--
check out this blog post by amy wong: top 5 light elements. esp the 3rd picture :) :) :)

i'll be putting off shows, reviews, photos indefinitely, at least until my finals are done on dec. 18th. probs will blog occasionally (fantastic procrastinating mechanism, if i say so myself). have also started watching the first season of the oc on dvd-- forgot how much i loved that show. more seth cohen, please.

Friday, November 16, 2007

our hearts will spill

sometimes i wonder if it's a bad thing that i depend so heavily on music to better my mood.
then i realize there are far worse things to be addicted to.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

sometimes i get $4 mixed drinks

next sunday @ zen sushi: get back loretta! food, drinks, amazing music & friends... the only way this show could get any better is if they paid me to attend. i'll look into that.

Friday, November 02, 2007

i thought this wouldn't hurt a lot, guess not

so my latest obsession is electro-indie...specifically, mgmt's oracular spectacular. their stuff is kinda weird (to me-- but this is coming from someone who thought paris hilton's stars are blind was a fun song-- i know, i just lost all my scene cred like 5 minutes ago) yet super freaking catchy. "technicolor" seems to be the buzzword to describe them, and i agree wholeheartedly. i am totally, seriously hxc freaking out over kids. like, i could listen to it over and over and over and over and i would still love it. other faves: time to pretend, the youth, the handshake.

it's out digitally (on itunes) for just $7.99... the physical cd will be out early 2008. buy itttt, your ears will thank me. and love me. and worship me. and do my homework for me... take my finals for me.. please?

look out for them on tour with of montreal NOW. their la shows are nov 8 & 9th, both nights at the avalon. i'll be at the nov 9th show (i almost had a schedule conflict, fortunately i've worked it out - nov 8th is robbers on high street (bbfries!!!) and great northern at the echoplex).

happy friday, yall.

"i've met you before... multiple times, actually"

i love this band. putting up with a d.b. crowd @ the guitar center opening was worth it-- every dumb dance, every ear-to-ear grin, every sing-along, everything that added up to my general geeky (fangirl) happiness. hearing the full band play justified live.

really really
really happy.

[the graduate - justified music vid]

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

history books forgot about us

tuesday - amazing day for shows.

regina spektor @ the wiltern. sold outtttt. am totally ready to burst into tears of joy and run up to someone random.
the oohlas @ safari sam's. one of their last la shows for the year! am uber sad i am missing them :( :( :(
get back loretta @ bbkings on universal citywalk. these guys are so much fun to see live. go if you're ready to have a ridic happy time.
onerepublic @ hob anaheim. sold outttt. these dudes totally blew up right before my eyes... i remember the good ole days at molly malone's! now they work with timbaland. yea... not impressive at all.

there are probably a billion other amazing shows going on.. umm yea. busy week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

socal - how you can help

hi yall-
just got this email from the red cross. if you are able to, please donate blood asap. i've got my appointment set for saturday.
xoxox stay safe.
Wildfires have caused the cancellation of Red Cross blood drives in Southern California resulting in the loss of nearly 200 units of blood. The American Red Cross asks eligible blood donors in Los Angeles and Orange Counties to make an appointment to donate blood by calling 1.800.GIVE.LIFE (1.800.448.3543). For Spanish, please call 1.866.POR.VIDA (1.866.767.8432).

Blood is needed for hospital patients throughout Southern California, including those who have suffered burns in the fires.

"The current wildfires have affected the collection of hundreds of units of blood," states Clifford Numark, Director of Donor Recruitment for American Red Cross Blood Services, Southern California Region. "We need people to step forward to donate blood and help make sure we have an adequate supply of blood and blood products for the patients in our local hospitals, as well as for those who might be directly affected by the fires."

Any healthy person age 17 or older, weighing at least 110 pounds, and in good health may be able to donate blood.

To make an appointment to donate blood TODAY only please CALL us at 1.800.GIVE.LIFE (1.800.448.3543) or for Spanish, please call 1.866.POR.VIDA (1.866.767.8432).

To make an appointment to donate blood for tomorrow or the following days, please visit and search for the blood drive location nearest you.

To make monetary donations or volunteer your time, please contact your local Red Cross chapter. You can find your local chapter by visiting and entering your zip code at the top of the page. This website also provides additional information regarding the Southern California wildfires and what the Red Cross is doing to help.

Thank you!

hope comes from inside

the fires of '03-- i had almost forgotten about those. i didn't have any friends in SD back then... soco had cancelled a show and rescheduled it for december at soma.

i am doing the closest thing to praying an agnostic can do-- keeping you all in my thoughts, hopes, and heart. this is when i'm so thankful for technology, lj, the internet, sidekicks, etc. and its/their ability to keep us all connected in the most efficient way possible.

so far, i have heard that everyone appears to be safe, though a few of my acquaintances/friends have been evacuated. my classmate at school said her uncle in SD evacuated to one of the stadiums yesterday, her family is ready to leave their home at any moment. she watches the news (with the sound off, of course) in class to see where the fires are headed next.

apparently some idiot arsonist d.b. set the fires in irvine/oc. angers me to no end.

wherever you are (CA and non-CA), stay safe. xoxo

Saturday, October 20, 2007

ahh, here is where irony was invented.

ollie oohla is superrrrcute.

[the oohlas love you - ollie and mark's commute to brickhouse]

more goodies here.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i've got platinum vision and a tinfoil touch

i haven't properly shot a show in nearly 2 months.

[jack's mannequin - orpheum theatre - october 16, 2007]

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

forever the sickest kid

i've been on break from life-- got sick over the weekend but now i'm back on the road to health. to celebrate, show tonight, check out oslo and controlling the famous:

Friday, September 28, 2007

blue mondays

this coming monday (10/01): get back loretta @ knitting factory. guaranteed ridic fun. next (next?) monday (10/08): omgomg the oohlas! @ viper room. this show is TOTALLY free w/ rsvp... 21+, message your full name and # of guests coming with, to

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

word on the street is that your head hit the ceiling

plz buy their new cd, bbs. it's SOLID.

i'm cutting back majorly on shows in october to:
1) focus more on school (uhhhhh so the logic goes);
2) work on all my backlogged photos;
3) save monies.. whatever that means.

i'll still be out & about... xoxo

ps. angie made me really excited about the REGINA show. asdlfk;dhflh check out her photos here!

Friday, September 21, 2007

you say you don't believe in science

there are a few shows in life where you can point out the exact moment where your life has been changed.

the tai, afs, trs, sherwood show would be one of those shows... it was a long moment. the rocket summer made me so happy, even more than at warped. two rounds of confetti. so much love. e and i danced like fools, but fortunately, i kept the footloose dance at a complete minimum aka didn't dance like that at all. good thing since.. well. that would've been another embarassing moment. it was enough looking idiotic in front of an ex-smashing pumpkins member.

armor for sleep reminded me of the soco days when they opened w/ straylight run & tai in vegas. good times. i recognized a lot of the old songs & ben wore a cardigan. they have a new album out in oct., which i might have to go get.

the academy is. i hadn't seen them headline since last march for truckstops and statelines. that was one insane weekend. it's been TOO long. will's voice was freaking AMAZING, and their live show has developed so much. i sang all the words and looked AWESOME LIKE I WAS 12. honestly, i didn't stop smiling for a second during their whole set. old faves, new faves. butch walker appearance. 40 steps = LOVE. awkward introduction to neighbors:
butcher: so, i have a lot of friends in la. *fiddles with drum kit for a minute*
william: so, butcher has a lot of friends in la.
butcher: oh sorry. we're going to play neighbors.
me: what?

also aside from the near-embarassing incident of dancing around like an idiot, caught up with some people. babydoll. twins. metal. i was mean... skeptics (and true believers). spotted: darren from the hush sound! (he's adorbs. fyi.)

so don't explain...

off to street scene tomorrow morning. do i need to stay up all night to finish my reading? probs.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i don't see you changing your mind anytime soon

everyone, please watch treaty of paris, aka my bbs (well, technically e's bbs, but sometimes i kidnap them, throw them in the back of my van, and make them dance around with animals in the forest...???)... i digress. watch them do the newz at

the sounds show yesterday - super fun dance party!! hipster + warped = the sounds core audience. no crowd-surfing by maja, unfortch.

umm thurs i finally see TAI headline for the first time in a year and a half, thanks a lot, william beckett. TRS is opening, e finally gets to see him play, and i'm soooooo excited! i love regressing back to my 15 year old self.

i just need to make it through tomorrow... and not make any more dumb hearsay/not hearsay jokes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

where did all my money go

so i FINALLY got the chance to see treaty of paris, my new favorite band bbs. they're on tour soon with the spill canvas and meg&dia for a bit for some midwest and east coast dates. which brings me to the point-- they aren't playing LA for awhile. TRIPLE SAD FACE :( :( :( i told one of them that they basically ruined my life for doing that (sorry phil) after which i immediately felt guilty. oh well.

their album sweet dreams, sucker is out sept. 25 and they've got a pretty sweet pre-order deal going on here.

[treaty of paris - waking up the dead music vid]

umm so for all my jewish friends, shana tova! we have a long weekend off, thanks to the holiday. i'm hoping to catch up on sleep, sanity, and photos this weekend. last week, i realized i'd gone to see five shows:
- sun: ddl roundhouse @ club minx in glendale
- tues: treaty of paris @ knit fact
- wed: bikelock @ el cid
- fri: cartel (won tickets from, an awesome LA blog), acted like i was 12 @ avalon
- sat: the deadly syndrome @ the echo
compounded with the fact that i probably saw 3-4 shows last last week: i'm tired. hot hot heat show last night-- SUPER FUN. it was awesome to see them so up close; i've never seen so many people happily dancing around at cinespace in my whole life.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

hhh private show & afterparty

deets below if you can't read the flier (i mean, if you can, that's really amazing eyesight you've got there).

special performance from hot hot heat on september 11th:
stop by any of these LA Best Buy locations on Tuesday September 11th, buy the new hhh album "happiness ltd" and get your chance to see the hot hot heat private show at cinespace that night!
#109 West LA, #393 West Hollywood, #764 Sherman Oaks, #367 Westwood, #137 Burbank, #125 Pasadena, #119 Costa Mesa, #102 West Covina, #107 Torrance and #111 Westminister

basically: buy the new album. get a laminate (your pass into the show). laminates given out while supplies last. doors are at 8pm.
stuff you should know: cinespace is 18+ years old for the show and 21+ old for the "after-party" also at cinespace. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED policy. 1 laminate per person for entry. must have laminate to gain admission. once the venue is at capacity there will be no further admittance. this laminate does not guarantee admittance. ID will be required for admittance.

also-- you can stream the full cd on myspace before you get yrself a copy.
ummm super awesome. see you THERE.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

let's go to the beach tonight, with a bottle of wine

yayyy i went on a boat ride today with friends in huntington beach. awesometothemax. houses on the pier rule.

i'll work on some updates (photos!) over the long weekend so hopefully that'll be cool.

this is late, but THE NEWZ, BIKELOCK EDITION ummm pretty much please watch the greatest thing ever.

office week was so much fun (cinespace, standard, then roxy).. tripwire has some photos from their show at the standard on wed posted here. they also have posted the mp3 of office's song the ritz so d/l it! large cups are deceptive. also note to self- stop doing the self-choreographed footloose dance and embarassing self in front of james iha? yea. i AM a moron.

office and the deadly syndrome are pretty much my new fave bands to see live. for tds, these fanboys had shirts on with an iron-on ghost design.. and also sticks with ghosts on them which they waved around during certain songs. i'm so glad i didn't have any health issues during tds cos their performance on thurs night was fantastic.. followed by office -- HEAVEN. shot those performances mostly in b&w so i'm aiming to get those done SOON.

xo stay safe this weekend, kiddos.

Monday, August 27, 2007

did you get the memo?

mmkay so i'm back from a very long weekend - sd warped, wedding, then sleep aka avoiding homework.

i know i've been skimping in the photos dept lately, but i promise, i have a bunch. they will be up as soon as humanly possible. sd warped was lovely- great weather, so much fun to hang out with friends i hadn't seen in awhile! worked/hung out with the 11:11a.m. crew. i caught and shot the spill canvas, meg & dia (who were super cute and v.impressive), all time low (new fave fun band to shoot, tbh), bayside (where i got some of the lead singer's spit on my knee.. awkward), my american heart (FUN), and the rocket summer (first time seeing them LOVE LOVE LOVE). went onstage to watch envy on the coast, and also cute is what we aim for and watched my friends shaant.

this week is a lot of office stuff (as their album - a night at the ritz drops 9/25 via new line/scratchie):
- tuesday: 08/28 office @ cinespace. i know what you're thinking. tuesday nights at cinespace? if my myspace bulletin (aka sources) are correct, the misshapes will be there promoting their new book. and steve aoki. and jackson pollis. and cobrasnake. so basically a convergence of the hipster icons/elite. and free alcohol.
- wednesday: 08/29 (i'm being sneaky and i'll tell you later)
- thursday: 08/30 revenge of the sunset strip feat. office, let's go sailing, deadly syndrome. really stoked about this show and these bands.
- friday: 08/31 sleep.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

alone in a crowded room

happy two years.

school started this week.. that's where i've been! will have some more awesome emo posts soon. tomorrow, i'm photoing @ sd warped, and get to see a bunch of friends!! am still appallingly behind on photos.

today wasn't the best of days. worn out from the week... thank you to the girl in the red vw bug for cutting me off on fairfax today. you rule. NOT. i feel a bit overwhelmed (like my head might explode) but i'm just going to take e's advice and make my checklists. i will get things done.

some photos of the outline. will post full sets sometime.. in the future. i make no promises.
[the outline - the roxy - august 16, 2007]

Saturday, August 18, 2007


2006- i was definitely mildly obsessed with elevator, hot hot heat's previous album, after seeing the lead singer rock out super hard on a keyboard (at san diego street scene 2005?) without ripping his awesomely tight pants. no joke. i've seen them several times and so far-- no wardrobe malfunctions. (rob says "he's canadian." as if that explains everything). so finding out their album happiness LTD comes out sept. 11 was welcome news to my ears.

also please read jax's account of how/when hhh filmed their video for let me in @ the echoplex. that makes so much more sense now.. i was trying to figure out if they were trying to say the band members were all descending into some sort of 7th level hipster hell...

[hot hot heat - let me in vid]

tonight: metro station @ the alley in fullerton. would go to their la show on monday but i start classes that day!! still obsessed with kelsey. wooo reading. bye.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i've been dying to say this to you

the sounds presale for their 9/17 show @ santa monica civic auditorium starts at 10am today.
p/w: 24hours
link here.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

you won't be seventeen forever

omg happy music. check out metro station. their album drops sept. 18th but you can pre-order the album at the shows while they're on tour for $10 and they'll give you a limited edition EP with artwork by the band!

metro station is currently on tour... forever. mid-october they hit the road with mcs, mae, and anberlin. emo festttttt. fun fact: one of them is (allegedly) the half-brother of none other than miley cyrus.
[metro station - kelsey vid]

la la light the night

occasionally, i use my blogger powers for good rather than evil. here goes nothing:

Dear Readers & Friends,

I will be walking in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk at UCLA on Sunday, September 16th for the second year in a row. I am asking for your help in reaching my goal of raising $1000 this year. If you are interested in donating to help me reach my goal and make a difference, you can make a secure online donation at No amount is too big or too small!

WHY: As many of you may or may not know, Andrew McMahon, the lead singer of my favorite bands Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago. On August 23rd, 2007, he will be celebrating the two-year anniversary of a stem cell transplant that saved his life. So it would really mean a lot to him and to me, if you all could support this worthy cause.

ALSO: This year, I will be leading several of the Southern California Jack’s Mannequin teams as TEAM CAPTAIN! I am hoping some of you would like to join my team(s). If you are interested in joining Team Jack’s Mannequin in the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, or San Diego area, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly (leave me a comment with your email address) or check out I promise it’ll be fun!

SPECIAL THANKS: Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank those of you who gave so generously last year. With your support, I raised over $500, which absolutely blew me away. THANK YOU!

Love, Mao

Saturday, August 11, 2007

let's take a walk on saturday

aka caturday!!

[the graduate - lollapalooza day 3 - august 5, 2007]
^ clicking on link will take you to the full set.

Friday, August 10, 2007

in a world full of vampires

PHOTO UPDATE. links will take you to full sets.
warped photos:
[we are the fury (goodnight) - warped tour pomona - june 29, 2007]
[paramore - warped tour ventura - june 30. 2007]
lolla photos:
a few randoms. [jack's mannequin - lollapalooza day 1 - august 3, 2007]

Thursday, August 09, 2007

i turn my camera on

[lollapalooza day 1]

[lollapalooza day 2]

day 1 recap:
we get in, catch soulive, they're great and extremely talented. scoot over to jack's and got a nasty tan line from waiting for an hr. cellular phone was debuted, a couple of sound problems but a fun set. got some food, listened to some of against me!, then met with christi @ silversun pickups. alas, it as too hot (sun in face- not cool) so we head over to watch some of blonde redhead, then to the the at&t blue room oasis. GLORIOUS. kind of freezing in there. meet up with the rest of the group for the black keys (AWESOME) and get up close for ben harper. not much of a ben harper fan but i'll say with my own two hands made me an instant convert.
weather: pretty hot. awkward tshirt tan. boo.

day 2 recap:
ryan shaw is fantastic, so much fun and great stage presence. no idea what we did until 3:30 when motion city soundtrack came on. started raining but the kids didn't care at all. total dance party, a couple of new songs.. love them. got yelled at by security dude who thought we were video-ing.. after telling him rather emphatically that we WEREN'T taking video (idiot..) he went away. ran over to regina to stake out a spot in front of the soundboard. met up with a few friends, had a religious experience (see: entry below).. hid out in the blue room again during YYYs and spoon. by then it was heavily sprinkling... got lucky with some ponchos that a radio station was giving out. sweeeet. stayed for about half of muse, then ditched out to get drinks @ benigan's which is fabulous and also on the way to the L train.
weather: warm, cloudy, pretty nice other than the rain.

day 3 recap:
we get in line about 10:45 to catch the graduate, who are one of the first bands to be playing. unfortch, due to whatever circumstances, doors don't open till 11:20 (doors should have been at 11:00, the grad went on at 11:15) DUMB so we sprint on over. missed a few songs but it was still a good time. crystal light but i wouldn't recommend it! ditched out mid-day to grab some lunch w/ "family" haha, had some proper deep dish chicago peetz @ gino's! soooo good. apparently we missed out on the hottest part of the day too, so that was handy. got back in time to hear kings of leon, met up with the crew for my morning jacket to stake out spots for pearl jam. the rest was.. a blur. my morning jacket was superfun, and then the wait began for pearl jam... but well worth it.
weather: really really warm. some sprinkling pre-pj but otherwise no rain.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

be afraid of the old, they'll inherit your souls

okay, tons to update from lollapalooza weekend '07. however, i'm still backlogged from warped tour photos from june/july so i really should get started on those.

recap including two vidblogs.. and some photos from pearl jam (!) later. for now, i'm just going to say that seeing regina spektor was comparable to a religious experience. i literally almost cried during several songs because she was so amazing. hearing samson live basically made my life complete. i have no other words to describe how amazing it was to see just her and a piano up on the stage... apres moi was not one of my fave songs but since hearing it live.. it is now. sa;fhklshflkh fangirl aotp.

tonight i'm off to the troub to see 1990s, mezzanine owls, and robbers on high street! if that's not your thing, you can see fionn regan @ hotel cafe tonight. am listening to his cd right now and it's lovely.

also please check out the flyer for revenge of the sunset strip august 16th edition - the outline. (also note, office has been added to the august 30th show. yayayaya) hollaback.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

it was a plane ride from lax to o'hare

[animatronic animals lolz - hey there delilah]

this guy's comment sums it all up: "At very least I'd rather see this song being performed by an obese animatronic redneck bear than some kid with an acoustic guitar."

[animatronic animals lolz - london bridge]

LOLLAAAAA-- i'm ready for it.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

this time we're not giving up

omg can hayley and i be besties. please.

[paramore - hallelujah - uk single/vid]

you can also check out the high quality version over on fbr+.

Monday, July 30, 2007

self-conclusion in one simplified motion

yo, it's me. i think i have a vidblog to post, if i manage to upload the thing tonight.

this week:
- tonight (7/30): eastern conference champions @ safari sam's. SO STOKED.
- wed (8/01): the format @ the avalon in hollywood. i probably won't make this show (is it sold out yet?) cos i need to pack and get ready to leave for lolla on thurs! but whoever goes needs to tell me how amazing it is and how stupid i am for missing them like, 3-4 times already.
- thurs (8/02-03): we land in chi-town (i hate saying that) at midnight. technically, i guess that's friday a.m.? woooo
- fri-sun (8/03-8/05) lolla madness. REGINA SPEKTOR. THE GRADUATE. MUSE. ALSHDFLKHKJDSLF more. brunch sat morning if i make it in.

next week:
- tues (8/07): robbers on high street west coast cd release show for grand animals @ the troub.
- thurs (8/09): indie schmindie!

more deets here or below.
Rock Insider Presents: "Indie Schmindie!"
Thursday August 9th, 2007
At The Scene Bar In Glendale
Performances From:
Strangers Smile
Meho Plaza
Austin James Band

$5, 21+ Yrs, Doors At 9 PM
i've been meaning to see ajb again for awhile, so i'm very excited to see they're playing indie schmindie!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

take a leave of absence, see what you're made of

i'll be away from the blogosphere for a few days. certain celebratory events (aka WEDDING) is this weekend and that'll be amazing and emotional :) and no, it's not my wedding. perish the thought (quote stolen from v.beckham).

might check out streamline (soco drummer brian ireland's current band) at the gig on thurs night, if i'm not half dead. they're on at 8:30pm and it's $10 to get in. wheeee

asfhdksgfjk sleep.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

lolz on the newz

jay of jack's mannequin talks a lot. also has an accent.

wooo the newz!

also apparently really really likes the deadly syndrome & the newz, as evidenced in the clip/teaser on the frontpage (click on "what's hot"). <-- probably the best clip of jay speaking. ever. in history. trust me.

speaking of tds, they're touring with hot hot heat (though, not exactly near LA.. grrr):

i saw tds at spaceland and they were so good i nearly fainted. that's a half truth.. they were good but i fainted for other health related reasons. how annoying. anyway, i'll see them @ revenge at the sunset strip on 8/30 at the roxy, hopefully with less bad annoying bodily reactions. hah

i'm going to finish listening to avril lavigne now. HOT!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

i've got one foot in the gate of hell

so i got my little hands on a copy of eastern conference champions' ameritown... the best way i could describe the album is-- it reminds me of an old friend. i've only listened to it 2 or 3 times so far and i'm loving it so much, because i've immediately felt an attachment to the songs. i feel like i've known the album my whole life.

i'm totally obsessed with some sorta light, still. it's sort of bright eyes-y (vox) in the beginning and then bursts into GORGEOUSNESS, slows down, and then jumps right back in. other songs i'm really loving: stutter, rabbit hole, hollywood. sometimes/generally they're kind of spastic, but in a good way. am pretty stoked to see them @ safari sam's next monday (7/30).

photo update soon, i'm hoping. so many things i haven't even uploaded yet onto my compy. i registered for fall sem. classes. uhhh yay?

i ixnayed the previous vlog idea of post- revenge of the sunset strip. i watched it and i sound like a moron. not that i don't always, but i used the phrase "really really good" more times than i care to admit.

Friday, July 20, 2007

don't know if i want you to understand me

suffice to say, kenna blew me out of the water. he is AMAZING. i haven't had that much fun at a hiphopish show in, well, a lifetime. he's arresting and i was impressed. lighting was fantastic at the roxy tonight. i almost cried, the lighting was that gorg. yea, i cry because of amazing lighting. sue me.


carina round sounded great, pretty diff from when we saw her last year with the oohlas.

vlog later?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

revenge pt. 1



guess who just got added to aug. 16th? THE OUTLINE. HELLO. YESI'MEXCITED. again.

i just watched that special on vicky beckham and i lolzed. she's so vapid that it's actually kind of amusing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

eastern conference champions (the band, not the champions)

breaking news via rockinsider (okay, fine, like 5 hrs later): eastern conference champions' [hereinafter referred to as "ecc"] cd ameritown comes out today-- but their album release show has been moved from cinespace to silverlake lounge. they go on at 11pm tonight.

reason for location change? something about a secret show for spoon. haha okay.

if i don't make it back in time from dinner in hermosa, i'll def. make it out to their show later this month @ safari sam's (7/30). my fave track is some sorta light. ecc sounds like a superfun (i really need to work on my adjectives) band to see live so can't wait!! woo

i got my issue of spin today and paramore has a one page thing. they are so cute, and i'm thrilled they're doing so well. love love love. in other news, they've taken over my ipoodlemini's top 25 tracks. scary.

ps. this post title was not invented by me.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it

omgsuperlolz!!!!!!!!!!! srsly though, they are FANTASTIC live. i dare you to watch them and NOT want to dance.

[family force 5 - montage/clips/etc. set to "love addict"]

Thursday, July 12, 2007

are we wasting time, or is it wasting us

the academy is... presale went up tuesday. late notice, but better than nothing, right?
here's the link. to save you the trouble (though you'll have to register to use the system anyway), the inital stuff:
login: theacademyis
p/w: tickets
some dates have already sold out, so i would totes get them now. i'm set for the wiltern! + canNOT wait to see their headlining set. YES.

also, of note: robbers on high street is playing their west-coast record release show @ the troub (headliner) on aug. 7th. doors @ 8pm; mezzanine owls and 1990s are opening. i believe irene is a fan of mezzanine owls so that should be fun fun fun. plus robbers! their record grand animals is out later this month (7/24) so holler at that. they need to play here more.

re: paramount, one of my high school classmates is in the band. i've seen them a total of 3-4 times and they've gotten better and better each time. endearing song by the drummer (which sounded like a cover of some other song, though i can't be sure). super fun... you can hear a lot of the strokes/occasionally interpol-ish influence. i believe they play @ o'briens in santa monica once a month so pls check them out.

july is busy busy busy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

revenge of the sunset strip: good music WILL prevail

starting july 19, the roxy theatre. here's the deal: local artists, fun giveaways, drink specials (i'm sold already), djs, guest appearances, etc. every thursday, filter is being rad and bringing GoodmusicBack. i know, enough with the SexyBack jokes.
7/19** - Kenna, Carina Round [tix]
- i saw carina round play with the oohlas awhile back and she's amazing, i think she had these really awesome red shoes but i can't remember now...
- kenna is a the neptunes' protege.
7/26 - J*DaVeY [tix]
8/2 - Pop Levi, Grand Ole Party, The Shys, The Procession [tix]
8/9 - The Redwalls, Augie March, Bang Lime, Mark Mallman [no ticket info yet]
8/30** - The Deadly Syndrome, Let’s Go Sailing, The Western States Motel [no ticket info yet]
- i've always wanted to see let's go sailing and the western states motel (i think a lot of people have been blogging about them) and i just saw the deadly syndrome recently @ spaceland.
add them / more info on each artist here.


san fran (listen to me talk, i don't sound smart). this is not a tbs song title fyi.

[splashy sea lions (soooo not splashy) ]

[splashy sea lions (soooo not splashy) pt.2 alcatraz cameo! ]

[san fran wrap up.]

if you found that amusing, i guess that's the point. more updates later today, including paramount's show @ o'briens last night. fun timesssss

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee

quick update, photos eventually.
1. 11:11am raffles have kicked off. entries: online for $1.50 (cool exclusive stuffs by emo bands!) or at warped tour- take action booth- for $1. check out photos of the items here and enter. do it. it's good for the soul. (ps. in raffle 1, you can win a prize pack with one of my stickers. if you win, i'll autograph it. hahahahahahahha no. unless you want. )

2. ladybirds- you can stream two songs from their upcoming release, regional community theater, here. max bemis (say anything) guests on "maxim and the headphone life" and "regional community theater." so danged cute!

3. the newz. warped edition. paramore, spill canvas, pennywise, pepper, rja, etc.etc.etc. watch it!

4. oh peet, how i love thee. i mean.. um, this is one of my fave songs off IOH.
[fall out boy - the take over, the breaks over]

remind me to get over how awesomely ridic hilar this video is. skanky cat dancers and breakdancing mail man. IT'S MY DREAM! (ps. weird thing, the beginning of the song = same as an ashlee simpson song. true story. too bad i forgot what song it was.)

--also- what's with "dudplication?" major labels don't spellcheck anymore? sad.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

but i can't go home, cos you're my home

being home after going going non-stop since last last thursday feels strange.

lots to post, but i've forgotten half of it.

time to make lists. and sleep, finally.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

21st century digital boy girl


caught all of new years day (FINALLY). ashley is so cute. she and hayley should have a cute-off contest. family force 5 pretty much wins at life. incredible and kind of metallll/crunk/aerobicizing. if you get the chance, go watch them at warped. bring yr dancing shoes.

saw the spill canvas' full set (FINALLY) with amsa from the sidestage. i heart them and i can't wait till their new album is out. amsa is on the spill canvas' bus, blogging from warped for 11:11am so check that out here.

photos etc from warped & san fran, rando videos laterrrrr. disneyland today!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

we want the airwaves back

"warped tour is trying to kill me"

so day 2 of warped tour is done. ventura will always and forevs be my fave venue for warped. there was a nice breeze.. too bad i neglected to put on sunblock as regularly as i should have. my nose is now tanned/burnt, along with my scalp. on a happier note, we're raising money and more importantly, awareness of 11:11am's and pediatric cancer research foundation (PCRF)'s causes. people are seriously so generous and very willing to listen to what the org has to say. perhaps it's my LA cynicism, but i'm always pleasantly surprised when people simply donate money and do not ask for anything in return. i've also heard a few personal stories of people who have lost friends/loved ones to cancer and my heart goes out to each of them.

saw paul @ the tent today yay

pomona - i think i am still having an allergic reaction to the dust/pollen/dirt/etc. floating around in the air. good times. STAGES ARE TOO FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. why is there a hurley stage and a stage? caught some spill canvas, all of paramore, all of we are the fury (goodnight), and all of my american heart.

ventura - paramore i've seen twice thus far and i love them so much. we saw hayley bstage and i wanted to put her in my pocket. she's so teeny tiny. and adorbs. but i didn't want to be a stalker. I DO NOT LIKE THE SIDESHOW CIRCUS. DIAF PLZ. i def shaanted a little with alee, caught most of bad religion, and went to the beach b/w sets. i have picked up two rocks; they are now this trip's mascots: rocky and rocky ii. they're currently sitting inside my shoes in the car. was happy to see rhonda after a decade. tried to stop scary kids scaring kids from getting to their own signing. woops.

i keep missing new years day so i will def see them tomorrow. and the full spill canvas set plz.

i would write more but this is ridic and i need sleepz. tomorrow is mtn view, then some touristy-ness in san fran! maybe photos.

Monday, June 25, 2007

with hearts and wrists intact

honda civic tour 6/23

tai: incredible. even from far away. william beckett is love. and his voice has improved SO MUCH since the last time i properly saw them (march '06, i won't count warped b/c that was a partial set, and i won't count snakes because he was playing acoustic by himself.. even though the entire room sang "attention, attention may i have all your eyes and ears, to the front of the room, if only, if only for one second" in unison. emosqueal*).

tbqh, i did want to see tai more than i wanted to see fob. but as always, fob puts on a great show. a little too much gratuitous pete wentz everything, but whatever. loved the new songs being played live. plenty of old faves (grand theft autumnn, saturday, "tell that mick..." etc.). p33t- please get a haircut and don't even mention paris hilton's jail sentence being covered in the news.. considering the fact that you. date. ASHLEE SIMPSON. i mean really. that's like so many negative scene points you should be banished from the scene comm.

just kidding though. i love p33t. ask adam.

dates for the format tour are up & holler at giving away their album, dog problems, for free [source: tripwire]. starting on june 26, it's free, free, free, digitally, for a two week period. JUST FYI: THAT ALBUM IS GLORIOUS. kind of like the regina spektor album, you'd think with all the upped-up production stuff, it wouldn't be the same or as good.. but it's different and it's so sosososo sosoooo good.

angie's flying over to visit me, and we embark on 3 days of warped tour fri (pomona), sat (ventura), and sun (mountain view/sf) with 11:11am with the take action tent. see yall around!

ps. "i read your blog." check out these sites plz: hate something beautiful and rockinsider. meeting on the interwebz has never been so fun.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

the choice is chalk, the path is known

zombies! aliens! vampires! dinosaurs! the outline!

it takes a real band to be that comfortable wearing spandex. no seriously, i love them. troub show july 5th, with cavil at rest.. opening for facing new york. set times are all up.

[the outline - "death to our enemies" vid]

also, i had dindin with vanessa last week, and jesus. christ. honey's kettle chicken in culver city. better than roscoe's. srsly. i got the two piece meal and it was heavenly. definitely my new fave place.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it might be the greatest thing since breathing


also i'd like to take this moment to say i love phil. in a totally platonic way. even though chris likes my hair or something. scene points ftw!

(plus if you're really into it, check out the preview page on the rehearsals frontpage. they're weird. and they sing. edit: it's gone now. sad face. quick bio: treaty of paris is the first band signed on andrew mcmahon of jack's mannequin's imprint, airport tapes and records. their album comes out sept 25.)

allllllso, i'm obsessed with the new paramore cd, riot! i listened to it non-stop on monday during research, in the car, at the gym, et cetera. a lot of songs sound familiar, so i guess they don't garner too many points in the originality category. on the other hand, their familiar sound makes them really catchy, which gets stuck in your head, and really easy to hairflip to. might seem contradictory, but the album is a breath of fresh air out in the sea of tepid punk-pop and I LOVE IT. ENDORSE IT. do you like all the cliches i used? i do. seriously, that album is perfection and i would say probably one of the best albums of '07.

i'm hungry. e and i went to palomino's yesterday in westwood and i have some fancy french fries leftover ("crisp potatoes gorgonzola"). so good my stomach hurt. BYE.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

i brought you chicken caboodles


both graduate shows have been amazing thus far (baltimore and philly). no photos unfortch since the lighting was terrible, but good times. i dannyauditioned (aka flipped my hair and pretty much broke my neck) at balty. bad traffic on the way to philly (basically it took 5 hrs to go a distance that would take 3 hrs)-- just barely made it in time during the grad's interlude (first song). perfect timing. they're weird. fun, but weird. and apparently [redacted] was formerly religious, but now uses their merch money to support their bad habits of 1) drinking, 2) eating bad food, and 3) staying in bad hotels. idk.

b/w the balty and philly show, corey posted photos on their myspace. am really excited, check out the last two on the 1st page of photos and the first one on the 2nd page. i know, show off. whatever.

watch tai tv.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

when the sun shines, we'll shine together

video goodies for today before i'm off to the right coast.

[one republic "umbrella" - lucky strike - june 7, 2007]

ummm basically amazing.

[the dresden dolls "shores of california" music vid]
feat. kelly of SHOES! fame.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

you can stand under my umbrella

last thurs was the annual leukemia & lymphoma society's celebrity rock 'n bowl. lighting was bleghhh for jack's which i still don't understand... but you can't beat free food and drinks. and getting kidnapped. easily influenced. dealing with one particular jerk from the press line. defending my lawyerly honor. secretly fangirling over unexpected people, thank goodness someone puts up with it. someone else fangirling to the right of me during jacks... that dude fangirled harder than i ever have, which i guess is maybe impressive, aside from the fact that he spilled his drink all over my shoes. repeatedly. i forgive him, how could i be mad at someone for liking a band a liiiiittle too much?

some photos below, the rest posted here.

[jack's mannequin - lucky strike - june 6, 2007]
i realize it's upside down, kind of the point. [onerepublic - lucky strike - june 6, 2007]he's kind of cute. in a "i'm too skinny and i play the cello hipster" way.okay seriously. hearing "apologize" live again was AMAZING. that song. is pure. pop. goodness.

they're headlining @ glass house in pomona on july 6. tix here & they're playing with the color turning, great glass elevator, and glacier hiking. they are so talented. cmon, timbaland thought they were amazing, so you should too. (timbaland presents shock value - apologize remix - listen to it on their myspace). i think there's also a fall out boy song on there.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

yes, it's real love

mtv has the leak of instant karma: the campaign to save darfur (out 6/12 digital and cd format) here. regina spektor can do no wrong.

also, check out the nifty little banner to the right for music saves lives-- get a vip pass for warped (you will still have to buy yr own tix in) by donating blood @ designated music saves lives donation locations and dates. go to their site for more info and sign up soon! i'm donating this sunday. being scene and saving lives is totes poss.

also- fyi psa: socal is always in a shortage of blood supply, but as we move into the summertime, the shortage becomes particularly critical. if you're in the socal area, please consider donating blood to the red cross. if you're unable to, they also have great volunteer opportunities to get involved. get more info here at

big weekend coming up. let's be more adventurous. the outline, get back loretta (boo, cancelled)...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

tv dinner


the explanation: "we are the band for a tv pilot called "loungitude" being filmed here in los angeles. in this video they're trying to get some background shots for this club scene, and thus we were useless at this point in time, which you will see here."

Thursday, May 31, 2007

maybe love is best left to who cares less

well, now that my rihanna-inspired haircut has passed muster, and i have met the lead singer of the graduate, i can die happy.
[the graduate - the roxy - may 26, 2007]
the graduate = INCREDIBLE live show. i was so stoked that they ended the show with the formula, probably one of my all time fave songs. corey (lead singer) goes nuts on the drums/percussiony stuff and the show just blew me away. lolsq aotp, if i got a scene point for every one i could point out.. i would... have a lot of points. anyway, good friends + the grad playing justified acoustic outside from their van + haircut adoration + extensive discussion re: clermont lounge and how VA is in the south (?) + late night food run to mel's = idk where i was going with that, but it was a good night. perf memorial day weekend (soo much gluttony).

oh, and i fangirled a lot. i think i embarassed e again, which was kind of the point. i kind of also made a big deal of the fact that the grad wasn't coming back till the fall, and then i realized i'll see them twice while i'm out on the east coast. FANGIRL ALL OVER AGAIN.

[the audition - the roxy - may 26, 2007]
i'm just going to flat out admit i'm not the biggest audition fan, but i kinda like those photos of danny. photos of both the grad and the audish are posted here.

i saw new years day a couple weeks ago @ the troub (opening for ozma along with william tell) aaaand i just want to say ashley (lead singer) is so adorable. plus their songs are super emo and fun and all about getting back at your loser ex-boyfriend. well, mostly. go see them on warped (she said they were doing the first half as a full band-- CA fans rejoice!-- and the other half as half the band, which i assume means acoustic).

shortly after i saw nyd, i saw robbers on high street @ the troub as well. ireney should hopefully have photos soon, those dudes are insane. and idk why but there were a lot of REALLY tall people at that show. maybe bball fans are fans of robbers. morrissey TOTES is. haha NAME DROP.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and we shed what was left of our summer skin

long time, no blog.

summer will be busy, busy, busy. huge events every month, weekend travels, two weddings (not mine, obvi), working pretty much a ton. good times.

plane tix for lolla are set, so chicago is a GO. should be amazing, plus the graduate is going to be playing (!!!!!!). okay more fangirl later, promise. still waiting for the schedules to go up for each day.

speaking of travels-- my good friends over at 11:11am (charity benefiting PCRF) will be on ALL of warped tour with the take action tent. i will be at most of the cali dates with angie, so if you feel so inclined, please stop by and purchase some buttons and bracelets, pick up flyers, etc. there's going to be an amazing raffle at each event, feat. signed band merch, lots of exclusive little goodies (details to follow) which you can enter either by making a donation at that specific warped date, or making a donation online. deets to follow soon (some here).

and if you're looking to help out and get a free ticket in-- there are about 2 volunteer spots open for most of the dates, but they are filling up quickly. check out the volunteer signup page here. also, you totes don't have to be chosen as a volunteer to help out-- it just means you'll have to find your own way in. awes.

Friday, May 18, 2007

it's not a party if it happens every night

i was nominated (by our section rep): most likely to represent death cab for cutie in a lawsuit. please tell me that makes me the indie princess of my lschool campus. i need a tiara. and date seth cohen kthnx.

so if you're lame (like me) and need to get out more (like me), vh1 has rock honors week going on this weekend in la... (events are to celebrate the vh1's annual rock honors show that's airing on the 24th) i totes missed whitestarr playing @ the roxy (which is only relevant because cisco is mischa barton's on/off bf! i know, i'm a celebstalker [mischa, not cisco]. i mean, not rly.). all the events have cool giveaways, raffles, etc. so head on out.

anyway, here's a partial listing of some stuff that imo, will be funnn (click here for the full calendar of events on la weekly):
saturday may 19:
air guitar contest at bally's, 1:00-2:30pm @ 1628 n. el centro ave.
-- learn how to air guitar from the air guitar champion (did not know those existed) fatima hoang and then try out your moves for a panel of judges + poss win a trip to vegas and a membership to bally's. even if you suck, you can at least print out the calendar of events guide (from the la weekly link) and bring it to any location for a pair of 2 week guest passes.

art exhib opening: steve joester, 7:00-10:00pm @ mr. musichead rock art gallery.
-- rock photog and mixed media artist premieres his work. raffle for vh1 save the music gift bag (worth $1000).

monday may 21:
metal skool @ key club. doors at 8:30pm.
-- if you don't know about this. srsly. watch this. kelly clarkson + metal skool = will change your life. if it doesn't, you're probably dead inside. and i don't like you.
Kelly Clarkson sings with Metal Skool (lang nsfw)

okay the point about metal skool was... vip vh1 rock honors party in plush lounge. KLOS-FM (whoa just busted out the caplock there) is giving away vip lounge tix sooo listen.


all week (may 17-27):
vh1 rock honors guitars @ guitar center on sunset.
-- customized, autographed (signed by this yr's honorees) vh1 rock honors guitars. enter to win or bid online. proceeds benefit vh1 save the music foundation.

TGIF yall and don't forget about the cartel contest!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

everyone, clap!


please prepare yourselves for the most amazing thing ever. aka this providence's tribute video to paramore's misery business (which tbqh, i'm still obsessed with), entitled "the misery of business, vol. 1." ashley has informed me that apparently we're on vol. 3 already; i don't know where vol. 2 went but they always start band practice without me...

thx to alee's bulletin.

someone teach me how to flip my hair like that. i'll pay you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

band in a bubble: cartel contest alert!

bob lefsetz hadn't heard of cartel... as much as i respect the dude, i don't think he is quite the target audience for cartel. ask any scene kid and she's bound to know who cartel is. if you don't, minus scene points for you, missy.

loved them even before i realized will pugh reminds me of my (formerly) favorite backstreet boy (*zing*). btw that was only based on looks and not talent/brains, since nick dated paris who is like, a travelling std zoo. REALLY BAD JUDGMENT is all i'm sayin. i digress. basically, cartel is going to be locked up in some sort of giant bubble contraption. i mean really, 5 band dudes locked up in one place? imagine all the hijinks, disgusting b.o. (fortunately, smells don't translate on camera), and dramarama that will ensue. (on second thought, don't cos that's just weird)
they're going to be filmed every single second during the time they're locked in (6 weeks), while they record and put together their follow-up to chroma. check out their online content, streaming live, here. they'll have some kicky contests going on, so i recommend you keep checking back. the first ep premieres on mtv may 24 at 11pm EST (8pm PST). i will be inviting myself over to e's house to watch. when the bubble "bursts" they'll be doing a live show in nyc on june 12. more deets as they come.

(really, i don't even know what's in it)
to enter, email me at emokidsbff(at)gmail(dot)com and give me the answer to this question in the subject line: what's the full name of the person who got me hooked on cartel first? hint: here.

include in the email: your FULL name please. no need to send me an addy. i'll pick one winner next tuesday from all the (correct) submissions and i'll contact you then. **restrictions: US residents only please. i don't make enough money to ship internationally. come to think of it, as a student, i'm making negative monies. multiple submissions will be invalidated. i can't think of any more legalistic caveats so i guess that's it.

info and prize pack provided courtesy of m80 and drpepper.


Monday, May 14, 2007

i'm in the business of misery

okay, i really liked paramore before. they were catchy and hayley is the most adorable girl ever. sadly, i missed seeing them at last year's warped tour cos i was running late, but thankfully they're playing another round this yr.

basically- i LOVE them now (i know, slow on the uptake). listen to their single "misery business" off their forthcoming album out june 12th, RIOT!, off their myspace. seriously. i was blown away. dare i say, it's better than their whole last album combined (i just listened to that song twice three times while i typed this up). you can preorder the album from the fbr store ($13/shipping included) or d/l the single (legally, thanks) here.

okay i'm back to being a serious student. emokidsinthelibrary ftw. happy monday.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

but hollywood is where i wanna be

got lucky with this show. security dudes made me stop taking photos after the first few songs or so, but they were nice about it, since i probably wasn't even allowed to have B O B (my canon s2) in there in the first place.

glorious, hot day. campus was nice. barricade. first time i've heard a full set since the west coast winter tour back in febz. basically made faces at andrew the entire time, he reciprocated, that was fun. he laughed at our bgvs. awkwardddd. more here over on forthesound.

[csun matafest - jack's mannequin - may 12, 2007]
aviators fan club. mao, gtfo of my face.

one more final. i'm off to the libs today.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

and if my brain quits, well then i guess that's just it

trust me, i've been waiting a long time to use that title for a post.

nearly one week, and nary a post. a good sign for me, actually-- it means i've been studying hxc for the past week or so. it also means i've caught a cold and i haven't had enough energy to pull any all-nighters. my grades will hate me later for that. w/e i'm ill + taking airborne 24-7.

check out this amazing cover of dcfc's "i will follow you into the dark" by the dresden dolls' amanda palmer here. seriously. d/l it while you can. if you thought the original was gorg (which it is... i can listen to that song on repeat forevs)... this one is gorg x 10. i also happen to have a weakness for covers-- that would probably explain my infatuation with this song.

new fun contest-y stuff coming up. more random posts, obvi.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

so read your books, but stay out late (some nights)

[jack's mannequin - coachella 2007 - april 28, 2007]
preview below. more here on forthesound. you know the drill. piano dancer.
can anyone tell that i don't feel like studying? kbye.