Thursday, October 23, 2008

are we human, or are we dancer?

best fb status i've seen thus far that relates to the song:
"Jason is: wondering whether Obama can answer the question of whether we are Human or Dancer in his first term."

the song is epic, check the link on my twitter page for the vid.

also need to listen to the following albums:
- kings of leon only by the night
- the killers day & age, whenever that comes out
- the academy is... fast times at barrington high
- does it offend you, yea? you have no idea...
- that kanye west album that came out like a year ago
any other rec's? i need catchy, easy to listen to stuff to accompany me during my lonely nights @ school.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it started feeling like october

amazing, isn't it-- the first time i heard that line in "annie use your telescope" was when it had just become october. and now we're two-thirds into the month.

honestly, i don't know where this semester has gone. for one, things have changed since the end of september... things are always changing. even when i finally think the motion has settled, it's only because i've gotten used to the situation shifting. chaos is constant in its own weird way.

whirlwind is so oddly appropos to describe my life right now. i've settled into a habit, school, work, school, work, work, work... and so on. i forgot to renew the book i'd checked out a few weeks ago. momentary lapse in memory. being on campus is so normal-- i just wish school were closer so i didn't waste so much gas shuttling myself back and forth.

friendships made, lost, and then hopefully made again. some days i don't know what i'm working toward; and other days, it's so obvious. it's those days where i feel so aimless that i wish i could rein in the feeling of "knowing," and save it for those days when i need it. in my ideal world, i would allow myself to drift and see where i'm taken; but i know that the control freak in me would not appreciate it. at all. i need to at least pretend to have direction. see where i can take myself with maximum effort. and then decide: do i like where i am, or don't i?

on the subject of music, i finally caved and signed up for pandora. i really liked it the first few times i've used it, so i'm hoping to get into that more. otherwise, i've been listening to the veronicas' album hook me up as a totally gratuitous pick-me-up. i love that they've gone for a more dancier vibe than their previous album (which is somewhere in my stacks of cds, needs to be found sometime asap). they are just so cute and it makes me happy.

needless to say, i'm in a strange limbo place right now. i don't know if i belong in certain worlds. but if i try, i know i can make myself.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

take only what you need from me

from the "secret" show @ viper room last night... prior to starting the song, he mentioned that it was a song that they were thinking of covering acoustically, but their acoustic equipment has/had already been shipped off to ATL where they start their tour in a few days. he also mentioned he was totally obsessed with the song... and then he starts singing and my heart. literally. exploded. I SANG ALONG, BECAUSE I'M NOT COOL OR INDIE. the end.

[jack's mannequin - kids (mgmt cover)]

every aching wound will cauterize and bruise

i've been obsessed with this acoustic version of the song since i heard it on gossip girl...
"Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic)" video

why would you settle for less when the world gives you more

a few weeks ago i went with irene to the submarines (opening for the brazilian girls) @ the wiltern. hadn't been there (or even out to a show) in awhile; headed over post-class and found some street parking which is always convenient. since i was only there for the opening act, the wiltern was a bit empty so we snagged front row of one of the tiers. the place filled up later on as the brazilian girls' set time got closer.

the subs were so cute-- the lead singer reminds me of how maggie gyllenhaal would be if she were a singer + a dash of the cardigans. she was a tad under the weather b/c she was sick, but considering that fact, i still loved how they sounded live. whenever i haven't been to a show in awhile, i forget how much more i like live versions of songs (provided that the band is a good live band). hearing the same songs that i've been listening to on my ipdmini, but in real, live form-- with the little inflections in voice-- truly is the best way to hear a song. there were tambourines, flowers, little keyboards, and lights... "you, me, and the bourgeosie" is still one of my main obsessions this year. loved the little electro-random sounds.

they had a cover of "boys don't cry" posted on their myspace, but as of yesterday, have no idea where it went. if anyone finds it and would like to send me a link... plz to be doing so.

i hit up the rock band live tour last night; then skipped out on panic at the disco so the secret jack's mannequin show at viper room. more later, i guess.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


omg epic lulz!! noteworthy: rpattz's random accent, kstew "vampire," tree-hopping, tree-throwing, SMUGWARD + raybans, y no sparkles?, apple symbolism- oic wut u did there...

Twilight Trailer

Friday, October 03, 2008

it's just that at night i've got nowhere to hide

these hammers and strings
been following me around

i'd just gotten halfway through the third run of The Glass Passenger. somewhere during "Hammers and Strings," i just felt complete. i was overwhelmed, but totally ok. i actually cried; i'd zoned out and before i knew it the tears were flowing. i was so glad i'd kept myself away from most of the youtube videos and from listening to the leak. it was worth it to have the actual cd in my laptop, knowing this was the real thing... that it was real.

i listened to the song again. my memory isn't that great, but three years ago, the first album came out... so many things have happened since then. perhaps some things were meant to happen, perhaps some weren't. yet the songs still make me wistful for those long-gone days. they still make me feel like what i've done in the past three years was worth it. that a lot of things i do are worth the effort. that there are still great things to do ahead of me...

third time's the charm, i guess.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

the glass passenger

finally got it in the mail yesterday. way to call it a "pre-order," considering it came out on the 30th... post-order is more appropriate. anyway, i am listening to the album. in peace. do not disturb.

in other news:
- check out to hear the new paramore single decode which will be on the twilight soundtrack (out 11/4). you have no idea how excited i am for this movie... also rpattz performed @ whisky-a-go-go last night... it would be just my luck that i would miss that.
- i've noticed that people are searching for pictures of andrew mcmahon @ the light the night event. you can stop googling that, guys. i'm not posting them on here. wait a few weeks to check they will be there.
- katy perry put out a vid for hot and cold, one of my fave singles off of her album. see below.
Hot N Cold