Tuesday, June 30, 2009

no one laughs at god in a hospital

while i'm bemoaning my existence in between snerffles, please take some time to check out this important message via jax @ rockinsider:

Pablo [son of Dangerbird Records co-founder, Jeff] was diagnosed with bilateral wilms tumor- a very rare form of pediatric cancer. This led to the founding of The Pablove Foundation which donates money to the Childrens Hospital LA. Sadly this past Saturday June 27th, 2009 Pablo passed away. He was 6 years old.

the benefit show is at the echo tomorrow, july 1st. doors @ 8pm. performances by: eulogies, bad veins, avi buffalo, a decent animal. more info & relevant links here. pablo's story has been chronicled by his family here. please take some time to check out his story & donate to the pablove foundation.
for lighter fare...

[regina spektor - laughing with (music vid)]

the song is definitely one of my top picks for the album far. the beginning of the video is sort of escher-esque, is it not?

[cobra starship - good girls go bad (feat. leighton meester]

blair >>> serena. i love leighton!

Friday, June 26, 2009

cut ties with all the lies that you've been living in

went to see third eye blind with julian @ the hollywood palladium last night. it was seriously like being back in 1999; clearly i'd missed out on being cool in high school (i had a thing for backstreet boys, DON'TJUDGEME), so re-living a better version of it was a lot of fun. i'd forgotten how joyous it is to watch the floor jump up in down in unison to songs like jumper and semi-charmed kind of life. the new songs they previewed were pretty consistent and catchy. won my tickets from http://laist.com/ so a big shout out to them!

been superrrr busy studying so i've been behind on my music updates (obvi). been listening to a lot of KCRW b/c my cassette player in my car (i know, how quaint) has decided he and my cassette adapter (that i hook up to my ipod) are on the outs. wish they would make up again but i have a feeling this time the break-up was for good. waiting for my itrip that i ordered to get here soon.

otherwise, i've been weirdly getting into a whole female lead singers phase. a whole lot of maria taylor, for sure. just ordered some CDs on amazon a few days ago, so i'm excited to (finally) get the sounds' album crossing the rubicon, phoenix's album wolfgang amadeus phoenix, and regina spektor's far.

that's about it with my life. i'm really loving the santa monica public library-- there is so much good stuff lurking around in there... though it's all off-limits to me till end of july. till then, xox.

shake the glitter off your clothes now

[katy perry - waking up in vegas music vid]

i'm not sold on the lip-syncing at all... but the costumes are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! plus the dude from bones is in it. i can't find his name... if anyone would like to suggest it. thanks.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

no "kids" were harmed during the making of this video

[mgmt - kids (music vid)]

as one friend tweeted, "i don't know if i love the new mgmt video or i have a giant "wtf" sign over my head."