Monday, July 18, 2011

video round-up: "cure your moody monday" edition

[demi lovato - skyscraper]

totally obsessed with this song rn. i confess that i've never really been a fan of her music (basically, i've really never heard anything by her but this song) and i thought the title was a little... cheesy. but, after watching part of this interview she did with e! online and hearing her talk about the demons she has struggled with, you can't help but smile and appreciate the ballad for the glorious-ness that it is: an anthem.

[freelance whales - enzymes]

Freelance Whales - Enzymes from NEUE on Vimeo.
fireworks! growing old! growing young! existential questions with explosions and things. bubbles and flowers... yay!

[washed out - eyes be closed]

via stereogum this a.m. i want her shades... or the whole outfit.