Saturday, March 29, 2008


first this.... (i know, old, plz cut me some slacks)
now this????source.

Monday, March 24, 2008

this heart will start a riot in me

paramore's vid for that's what you get premiered today on mtv2. admittedly, not the most exciting video, but it's a cute performance-ish vid. and i can't knock on paramore b/c i love hayley too much. rly. her winged eyeliner? fantastic. and this song is ridic fun live.

okay i don't know who is competing in this thing, but i'm pretty sure jessica alba appearance --> winning ticket.
[Nine in the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco lip dub performed by Team Ibeatyou, Jessica Alba and Romany Malco]

in other news, no idea why i'm still awake. need to be up early tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

may angels lead you in

my love affair with paramore continues. i need to go to bamboozle left.

[paramore - hear you me [j.e.w. cover]]

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

u don't even like boys

Katy Perry: Ur So Gay

just might be my new fave artist-- poppy, saucy, strong voice... she'll be on warped tour. weird.
2 additional bits of news:
- the deadly syndrome is playing @ the roxy theatre on sunday 3/23. tix herre.
- the mezzanine owls. residency. FREE every monday @ spaceland in may.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

pretty. odd. album preview.

click here.

hmmmmmmm. i like what i'm hearing so far.

lazy tuesday

yea, i really need to snap out of S.B. mode (i.e. wake up before 11 am) because i have tons of work to get done over break. oh well... baby steps.

last thurs, i kicked off my break w/ a show @ the el rey.. the outline's triumphant return (with a drummer!) since august 2007. made fun of shady weirdo trying to sell his ticket to the kid behind me; attempted to assess the crowd (a lot of japan-o-philes i think); made fun of jesus; made a few eggo-preggo jokes. inside, met up with the sd crew whom we hadn't seen in a month. we left mid-set of the first of two japanese bands (who sounded pretty awesome, i just wish i remembered whether they were the pillows or noodles), went to swingers on beverly, people watched.. i had a breakfast burrito YUM. the outline is playing @ the echo on 4/2 so i'll be there.

won 3 dollars in vegas playing wheel of fortune. hellyes.

going out tonight!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

great northern contest + updates en mi vida

in celebration of great northern's release of sleepy eepee on march 18, 2008, i'm having a contest up in this hizz-y. one lucky reader will get a signed CD and tshirt! holla.
all da deets:
(1) shoot me an email. address: emokidsbff(at)gmail(dot)com.
(2) subject: "great northern contest."
(3) send in yr full name & address in the body of the email.
deadline: 3/18. that's in 10 days, yall. US residents only!

great northern is touring with the gutter twins thru march.. 4/2 is when they play LA @ the avalon, so get yr tix soon. i believe i saw them last time @ the echoplex; they're such a great lil LA band. HEART.

as far as updates go... here are some random things i've been reading:

- stuff white people like. for anyone who is white (i suppose a majority of you will be)... or anyone who strongly identifies with "white" culture (oh, you know, like me). if you don't have a sense of humor, don't even go there. yes, i know race is a social construct. it doesn't make the blog any less funny.

- the FAIL blog. because there's nothing i enjoy more than watching others fail.

- livejournals: (1) elyse sewell (arguably the smartest, funniest, most caustic ANTM contestant-- love reading about her adventures in modeldom in asian countries.. lots and lots of photos of delish food, and fantastic commentary), and (2) audrey kawasaki (i knew her in elementary school, always an amazing artist-- it's so lovely to see that someone has actually followed their dreams and excelled at making art. absolutely amazing... i hope to go to a show of hers someday).

- buzznet: i guess the scene queen factions have shifted yet again. (see here, here, here, and here) i know, i should get a life, but really, who has time for one?

i'm in ur livejournal.. creepin ur friends!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

lots of other penguins seem to do fine in the universe of nothing but ice

... but if i could be yours and you could be mine, our cozy little world would be twice as nice!

[davy jones - your personal penguin]