Thursday, October 07, 2010

TG it's nearly FRIDAY!

so i've got a designated partner-in-crime for my silver lake adventures (aka the culture collide festival) this weekend. ladies and gents, ampersandblues and i are going to wander about the land of hipsters. we hope to report back with some interesting news and photos; and if not, at the very least, a few bands that we hate/love.

after taking a look at the line-ups/schedule for friday, we've decided to wing it.  each venue we want to get to is a little less than 2 miles away from the previous... i'm wondering how this parking/cabbing/walking situation will work out. a tram or shuttle system would be cool (notes for next year). i'll definitely be checking out the outline @ spaceland, but everything else is sort of play-it-by-ear. there's a pun in there somewhere, i just don't know how to use it.

i heard a couple of songs by voxhaul broadcast and i kind of adore them already. a little like the electro-jaunty version of kings of leon (k.o.l. prior to becoming the hipsters' nickelback, tyvm) may not get the chance to catch them this weekend, but they've got a show on 11/3 at spaceland, so i'm going to note that for the record!

and after friday comes caturday...