Thursday, July 31, 2008

the resolution #42

idk guys. i think it finally hit me that i'm genuinely quite excited for the new jack's album. just got back from the costa mesa paramore/jack's show with the always lovely lili. new song called (the) resolution. post-show, we checked out the OC fair in all its glory. there was an incredible array of carnie food-- fried oreos, fried frog legs, fried twinkies, fried avocados, giant sandwiches, icees... i could go on for days (in fact, i'm tempted to go back just so i can sample everything, minus the frog legs). there was food EVERYWHERE. fantastic.

we had a funnel cake which was FREAKING FABULOUS. then i had a giant sausage sandwich thing, which lil/i took pictures of because i pretty much polished that thing off (tbh i wish it were polish sausage just so i could make a punny there. do u c wat i did there?). driving home-- ty for the 5N being all SRY2SAY WE ARE CLOSED. umm... what? who plans this ish? the least they could do is give detour directions.

my very last summer... after this, it's all srs bsns. o life, i will miss you when you're gone.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

captain hammer threw a car at my head

i was introduced to this little gem while in line for comic-con at 4am on thursday...

[dr. horrible's sing-along blog]

apologies-- had to make it small so it would fit, width-wise, on the blog. if you want to see it in normal size, click here to stream or download it from itunes.

Monday, July 21, 2008

stop making plans, start making sense

i apologize for the lateness of this post: the academy is... has two new songs from their upcoming cd "fast times at barrington high" (out aug. 19th) posted on their myspace. GO LISTEN.

i'll admit, "about a girl" sounds far better live (and is more fun w/o the production-y sound they beckett's voice has going on the recorded version). i lovelovelove "summer hair forever young" even though it is a tad cliche... the youth group totes covered a song by a similar title (forever young) . but it's ok. i loved it the moment i heard it live @ warped in pomona and i have no qualms about expressing my love for it now.

as kmac and i discussed earlier-- for the naysayers who say the sound is too poppy: it's actually incredibly hard to write a really great pop song. ppl need to stop hating on things just because they're undeniably catchy. JUST GIVE IN TO THE POP. I MEAN JT DID IT AND LOOK AT HOW AWESOME HE IS. SEE ALSO: RIHANNA. ok? thx.

[THE ACADEMY IS...: Fast Times At Barrington High Preorder]

"or, if you don't care about quality, it's on our myspace, too." oh beckett, you cracks me up.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

broken hearts tessellate tonight

thursday: day went according to plan.. spent too much money @ h&m but what can ya do... i needed those clothes, ok?
friday: eye appointment, work work work work, off to darker my love @ the echo with rob.
saturday & sunday: the dark night @ arclight + dinner w/ irene & then the movie again the following morning @ landmark. yayyyyyyyy pretty epic.

after hearing a ton about tokyo police club from my friends (but never getting around to checking them out-- i know, i'm lazy), i heard something on the radio that i immediately fell in love with... even though i couldn't quite figure out what the lyrics meant. i jot down the lyrics (does anyone else do this?), come home, google, voila... it's tokyo police club's song "tessellate" that i keep hearing.

upcoming TPC shows in socal:
Jul 24 2008 Hammer Museum
Sep 18 2008 Henry Fonda Theatre
Sep 19 2008 Glass House (Pomona)
Sep 20 2008 San Diego Street Scene

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

darker my love

[darker my love - two ways out video]

just heard this song on indie 103 again this morn.... they're up for yahoo's who's next so plz go ahead click + vote.

shows in norcal and socal this upcoming & the next weekend:
17 San Francisco, CA - Popscene
18 Los Angeles, CA- The Echo
24 San Francisco, CA- The Rickshaw Stop
25 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo

i'll be gone at comic-con for the weekend of the 24-27 so hopefully i'll see you bbs out there on the 18th!

note: all four shows are FREE and each fan can receive a limited edition 7-inch as well as the opportunity to pre-order the band's sophomore LP for a special, discounted price at these performances. there'll be two final hometown album release shows in August (August 5 San Francisco, CA - The Independent and August 7 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour) to celebrate their latest record, entitled "2", out August 5.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

living the good life

this week:
monday (07/14): steel panther (formerly known as metal skool) @ key club w/ g.e.k.
tuesday (07/15): shwayze @ roxy w/ idk.. xtine?

wednesday (07/16): the monolators @ the echo.
thursday (07/17): tentatively- shopping in the AM, daily grill for HH with the sibling.
friday (07/18): : nooooo idea. ill sleep when i'm dead.

check out the trailer for shwayze's reality show buzzin' on mtv.

it's a beautiful day (don't let it get away)

what a whirlwind of a weekend.

thursday: the day (pre-flight cancellation debacle) began quite normally. (see previous post) after getting to the airport in ATL, we depart as scheduled... unfortch, as we get closer to phoenix, apparently there is some giant storm hovering right over the airport, so we're forced to circle from 30-45 mins (if the storm didn't pass by then, we were to be diverted to tuscon. TUSCON. WTH.). after circling, we land in phoenix, only about 20 minutes delayed... and thus begins the insanity. my flight to la was supposed to get in at 11pm. BUT since many of the other planes had been diverted to tuscon, all of the crew (pilot, flight attendants, etc.) were. still. in. tuscon. and not. in. phoenix. we had to wait for them to get to phoenix before we could even begin to board the aircraft.

after a billion delays, we finally attempt to make it into the plane around 1am... sadly, we missed our chance and our flight was cancelled. CANCELLED. i've never had a cancelled flight in my entire life, even with all the plane-hopping that occurred in 2006. i was freaked out and tired, and had to cancel my dentist's appointment at 8:30am. my sister was a dear during the whole ordeal and communicated my frantic status updates to my mother, who was picking me up from lax. managed to get a flight into burbank departing at 7:30am (other ppl were told the earliest flight back to la was 3pm, or even 7pm. *shudders*).

anyhow. i did spend the night at the airport. yes, it was uncomf and i hope i never have to do that again. thankfully i had no checked luggage so i was toting around my facewash and toothbrush/paste and all other essentials. as i'm dozing, i get an automated message from us airways telling me that my burbank flight is cancelled. WHAT THE HALE, right? panicking, i call back immediately and am lucky enough to get a seat on the earliest flight back to la... same departure/arrival time. no idea what was going on there, but when i got on that AM flight... i had never EVER been so thankful to be on a plane in my entire life. i passed out as soon as the plane took off.

friday: was a blur. i came home, napped for 2 hrs, went to work for a bit. went over to e's and helped finish cutting the krispie treats for the boys in the graduate. speed over to the troub but the show was sold out! sad... we grab the krispies and hand them off to the band as they load out. they are such sweethearts and their management thought we were 12. max mentioned they had recorded a few songs while they were in chicago the past few days. said goodbye, headed back to the car. awkward fangirl moment on the corner! e won't let me live it down. off to the key club to see my lil bro rob's band, ddl roundhouse in the emergenza fest. had drinks, ate dinner. i'll add some photos later to this post, if poss. home, discussed going to the grad show in SD @ soma w/ alee, and then sleep.

saturday: worked early morning. home. napped 3 hrs. on a total whim - i buy a ticket to the grad's show and start driving down to SD around 4pm to meet up with alee. make it in by 6:30pm. get to soma. hang outside for awhile, head in for the graduate, run into max who is looking for the rest of his band members. desperately hoping i do not run into [redacted] since friday night was hilar awk. some tech difficulties, they talked about a new vinyl version of anhedonia that they are recording... incl. new version of the formula & trans rave version of interlude. they played interlude that night and it was FREAKING AWESOME. no water during the formula. boo... watched MAH's set, then got ready to head out. we took up the h20 issue with [redacted]-- apparently sound guys don't like it when water is involved (clean-up and equipment ish)... also apparently they once tried to use glitter but then they ~*dazzled*~ for days cos they couldn't get it off. at this point i was snorting with laughter. +10 for alee's twilight reference. "we've met before.. .several times." "how many times have you guys met?!" "a couple? idk idk."

and then headed to in&out and then home. 20 minute traffic jam at 1:00am on the way home on the 405N... ick.

sunday: i've never wanted to sleep so badly in my entire life. and sleep, i shall.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

that's what you get for waking up in vegas

short recap before i shower & get into bed for some much-needed slumber.

monday: after our aquarium adventure, s, j, and i went to fat matt's rib shack, where i ordered a half-rack of ribs, baked beans, potato salad, and a soda. SOOOO YUM. the ribs were perfectly smothered in bbq sauce and the meat literally slides off the bone. i ate myself into oblivion there.

tuesday: hung out with adrienne and her dogs for awhile, then headed over to eclipse di luna for tapas. ate everything in sight (steak skewers, moz & tomato, potatoes, calamari, ribs, etc, etc.). so full, went shopping with s afterwards and bought some things on sale.

wednesday: warped tour atl (#3 this year). tinsley comes by to pick me up, we go to the scariest subway everrr just to get adam his sandwich. free parking, wandering around, trying to find adam and the guest list.... did end up getting in and figuring out the guest list location later (though that wasn't without its own challenges, i.e. venue workers being sadly misinformed and stupid). after a rather fruitless search for jac vanek, wait in line to talk to errrm someone. awkward pantomiming conversations. genius (not really). finally got my glamour kills 11:11AM tee... so excited. look for photos later. didn't end up watching any bands except jack's. tense backstage moments with ryan key (showdown: who will get on stage first). elbowing danny audition during jack's set (oops). extended stage time. saying goodbyes.

ETA: i forgot all about waffle house! omg i had smothered hash browns. omgomgomgomg gluttony.

thursday: little did i know, this would be the longest day EVER. wake up for brunch at the flying biscuit cafe where i (again- surprise!) nearly ate myself to death. i had the egg-spectacular or egg-stravaganza (my memory fails) which consisted of eggs, potatoes, biscuit, 3 pieces of delish bacon, 1 sausage patty, whole wheat french toast & raspberry stuff drizzled on top). coke museum (breather). i hate animals especially when they touch you and you tell them you don't like them. dessert at chocolate pink cafe- key lime pie and chocolate cake. "i need to finish my coffee."

actually, i think my ridiculous flight home deserves its own entry. plus i'm tired. xo

ps. i believe s's roommate, b, was looking for her five seconds of internet fame. there you go ;)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

it's not what good girls do

hay guise--

my flight was delayed a few hrs while i had a stop over in charlotte, nc. then had a ridiculous conversation involving my friend j, who was like "you'll never believe where i am" v. "you'll never believe where i am." pretty sure we both have a moment of disbelief. fortunately, i made it into the ATL by 8pm ish, was on my merry way in s's car by 9pm (it was still light out! marvelous, i tell ya).

last night we went to eat at a tapas place called twist! (the exclamation point is part of the name, not necessarily attributed to my exuberance, as i was pretty tired from traveling all day). pretty cute, i forget how small portions are haha. but got to eat a bunch of different things, even tried 3 desserts/// went to sleep feeling pretty full but appar, i realized this morning that i hadn't eaten enough (i know i'm really hungry when i feel sick to my stomach :( i do realize the irony in that.. um.. if there is any).

anyhow, am excited for warped tour which involves seeing peeps, catching bands that i didn't in the previous two, and generally avoiding embarassing myself. the weather here has actually been a lot nicer than usual. heard a t-storm last night and couldn't sleep (also attributable to the time change- coast to coast is always a pain in the rear bumper).

we're heading out to the georgia aquarium today, methinks. going to try to take lots of fun photos, perhaps by the end of the next decade i'll have them posted ;)

Friday, July 04, 2008

in ur country, celebratin ur independence

what up yall. OK THAT WAS AWKWARD. hello, my chocolate cheesecakes.

just wanted to give all you darlings a head's up about all the happs going on next week. as you may/may not know, VH1 Rock Honors Weekend is taking over LA next week (basically, the show, VH1 Rock Honors: The Who, is taping at UCLA's pauley pavilion on july 12, feat. perfs by pearl jam, foo fighters, the flaming lips, incubus and the who). this means, a ton of events going on in la from july 10-14, so obvi i think it's your patriotic duty to come out and hang.

the show will premiere on july 17; stay updated at

6pm: Guitar Center Presents Sessions with Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) @ Guitar Center Hollywood
8pm: The Gutter Twins & Ed Harcourt @ The Roxy
8pm: Tribute to Sublime @ Malibu Inn
9pm: Supreme Being of Leisure @ Viper Room,featuring “Who Am I” mojitos
All night: The Who Karaoke Night @ Blue Goose Lounge
All night: Quadrophenia Night @ Seven Grand

10am – 6pm: Shop @ Intermix and buy a limited-edition VH1 Rock Honors Torn shirt, designed by Scarlett Johansson, sold exclusively by Intermix.
3pm – 7pm: The Who Are You Happy Hour @ Pink Taco. Specialty drinks inspired by The Who 7pm – 9pm: Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane/Starship) exhibit/appearance @ Gallery 319
9pm – 2am: Trans Am Fridays @ Beauty Bar – DJ Apollo Starr and Beauty Bar Present Trans Am Fridays, playing the best in big hair and rock and roll!
7pm – 1am: Greg Laswell’s CD release show @ Hotel Café
8pm: Tribute to Journey @ Malibu Inn
8pm – 2am: The Liesurelies, Nothing Yet, Wayward Sons, Marliese @ The Derby
7pm: Emergenza Festival @ Key Club (vote ddl roundhouse, kthx)
8pm: Kode9 @ The Roxy
9pm – 2am: Underground @ The Echo
8pm: NYC’s KHZ “West Coast CD Release” with Dave Navarro @ Viper Room
All night: Screenings of The Who movies @ Ye Coach & Horses

8pm: VH1 Rock Honors: The Who Ceremony –The Who performing live with Pearl Jam, Foo Fighter, The Flaming Lips, Incubus, and more @ Pauley Pavilion Center
5pm: Rock Band competition & BBQ @ Crane's Hollywood Tavern
6pm: Which One’s Pink? Tribute to Pink Floyd @ Canyon Club
7pm: Emergenza Festival @ Key Club
7pm: Rock Honors Night @ Whisky A Go-Go ft. Cipes & The People & more.
8pm: Tribute to Unwritten Law @ Malibu Inn
7pm – 2am: Pedestrian CD release @ Hotel Café
9pm – 2am: Club Bang! @ The Ruby
8pm: Filter, The Urgency, Opiate for the Masses @ The Roxy
All night: Screenings of The Who movies @ Ye Coach & Horses

3pm: Rock ‘n’ Read @ Virgin Megastore
Doors TBD: Freeform Orchestra @ Viper Room
7pm – 1am: Toms Benefit show with The Who covers @ Hotel Cafe
All night: Pub Experience @ Molly Malone’s
All night: Screenings of The Who movies @ Ye Coach & Horses

Doors TBD: Indie 103.1 presents local bands @ Viper Room
8:30: Steel Panther (formerly known as Metal Skool) tribute to The Who @ Key Club

i'm hoping to be out and about after i fly back in from ATL on the 10th. bolded shows are of interest to me. also random plug-- come out to see the graduate play @ the troubadour on july 11. i <3 that band.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

south for me, knitting factory for you

just b/c i'm missing out on this (for good reason, friend's bday @ south) , doesn't mean you should miss it also.
EPIC what-to-do-in-la post coming soon. i'll even tell you what i'll be doing for the next week or so. stalk me (or not).
xoxo emo girl.