Friday, May 29, 2009

idk, like an update or something?

[phoenix - 1901 music vid]

totes obsessed with the song. you can d/l it as part of nylon's summer 09 playlist/mix here, along with other songs by a ton of other artists.

this i found on stereogum:
[weezer - cover of mgmt's kids & lady gaga's poker face]

rivers' dancing seems like an accurate depiction of what future (read: older) andrew mcmahon's dance moves will be like. jussayin.

you can check out some new regina spektor stuff here from her new album FAR. premiere of blue lips here and music video for dance anthem of the 90s here via ONTD.

last but not least-- my ♥'s, the sounds, have their whole album crossing the rubicon available for streaming on their myspace. let them know via twitter what your favorite song is! (psst: you can snag a free d/l of dorchester hotel here & if you sign up for their email list, a free d/l of no one sleeps when i'm awake at album drops june 2nd. get on board.

ok, so i have MOARR studying to do, so i need to scram. see you next week/month/august or something.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

free show next saturday: the maine and meg&dia

the maine and meg & dia are playing a free show NEXT SATURDAY (set times: meg & dia @ 7pm; the maine @ 8pm) at an all day event from 11am - 9pm for the grand opening of a new shopping center called the strand. more info over on the maine's myspace blog here.

location: 5th Street & Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

not sure if i'll be in attendance yet, have another show to be @ in la that night... seems like a good place to go if you want to be scene. oh yes, i just did.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

wolfgang amadeus phoenix

i first heard phoenix's "1901" on kcrw and was like WHO IS THIS BAND?? MUST KNOW. anyhow, as i do with all things in life, procrastinated away until both the william beckett AND spin magazine beat me to it. whatever, i'm not bitter or anything!

their album wolfgang amadeus phoenix has a US release date of may 26, 2009 & their tour hits los angeles @ the wiltern on sun., june 28, 2009. tix via livenation here (floor appears to be all sold out).

you can hear 1901 on their myspace. i guarantee its awesome-osity. and it's beckett approved.

here's their vid lisztomania... song kind of reminds me of the spinto band's "oh mandy" but more dancy. is that weird?? idk.

[phoenix - lisztomania]

kylie minogue us tour

amex presale started this morning at 10:00am ; reg. sale starts sunday, may 17 @ 10:00am (hollywood bowl: october 4, 2009). everyone's twittering about it! get on board.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

we can hear the first beat to the flatline

[maria taylor - time lapse lifeline]

heard this song by maria taylor on bones... the music video is perfect, peppered with silly antics and the kinds of memories girls reminisce about and relive over and over. though, tbh, never thought about pelting har mar superstar with water balloons... also, would like to take this moment to claim this song as my graduation anthem.

(in other bones news, john francis daley who plays sweets is appearing with his band, dayplayer, on the final ep of the season. heart him!)

anyhow, maria headlines the troubadour on the 3rd before heading off to her european tour, if you want to go see. would be there but i've got big (exam) plans for monday. let me know how it is! her album, ladyluck, is avail now.