Monday, August 30, 2010

there you go for the last time

i hope for my sake that no other bands are planning to do last-ever reunion tours. because it. just. might. kill. me.

friday, e and i headed out to grab a bite @ the alibi room in culver city before heading down to The Grove (anaheim) for the something corporate show. the kogi tacos were excellent (i had beef, pork-- my fave, and tofu). fancy drinks were fancy. made it to anaheim with time to spare & run into our friend allie at the bar. then proceeded to see nearly everyone i've ever known through this band in the audience (going to try to list them here: blayne, allie, rhonda, leah, and kelly)... haha. the photos below are from the anaheim show-- the first time i'd shot a show in AGES. i forgot how frenzied it gets trying to get good photos in the first three songs. intense.

Simple silhouettes and cutouts. 08/27/10 The Grove, Anaheim, CA
Josh Partington, soon to be Esq., Something Corporate. 08/27/10 The Grove, Anaheim, CA
Andrew McMahon, Something Corporate. 08/27/10 The Grove, Anaheim, CA
saturday night was part dos. e and i head out from the westside over to DTLA. run into allie, blayne (happy 100th show!), luke, lesley, and maureen (whom we had met the night before) outside the venue. upon realizing that there were still 1.5 hours left before the band actually hit the stage, decide to forgo waiting in line and hit up rock'n fish to kill time. eventually, we go in, reconvene with friends, and the show starts. a few of us go up in front of the barricade to shoot the (very likely) last soco show... ever. spot breesays from buzznet in the photopit-- i'm not creepy at all, i tell myself.

FORGET DECEMBER. i get weirdly emotional during some song (i don't even remember which one!) because it truly hits me that i wouldn't even know some of my friends without this band. so cheers to the band, to my friends, to these past 5-6 years, to the roadtrips, to the misadventures. may i note, "i love college" (hi tracy!).

also, i may have thrown out my back/neck/hip as i tried to dance around; old age is a drag. as we drift out of the venue, i see more friends after the show: jaime, mary (very nice to meet you!), cheryl, andy, leah, sorry if i forgot anyone... three hours and one impressive temper tantrum (by yours truly) later, we end up at hotel fig where e manages to snag me a final drink for the night-- how fitting, a jager bomb (insert look of horror here). some things never do change?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

you don't need to change; your future's with us

things i've been playing on repeat: tokyo police club, elephant shell & best coast, crazy for you. recently bought two door cinema club's (2DCC as i will call them) album, but i haven't had the chance to listen to it thoroughly. incidentally, both crazy for you and tourist history (2DCC) feature cats on the album covers. catty!

has anyone listened to TPC's new album, champ? it's on my "to-imminently-buy" list, but i haven't gotten around to making my purchase yet. saw them last week... or last last week, rather (b/c apparently i've completely lost my sense of time), with the shawn. so many fanboys (including several under-12 year olds-- forreal) and many a song punctuated by handclaps. the show was A LOT of fun, despite the fact that i really have only listened to one of their albums and despite the fact that when i saw they were going on at 11:15, i died a little inside (/is old). the quirky and always lovely freelance whales opened; and there were a ton of superfans of theirs in attendance as well. HUGE growth from their teeny (but sold-out) show @ the echo from awhile back.

not much to update in re: to life. looking forward to august 31st-- tons of new releases, including jenny and johnny's i'm having fun now (jenny lewis of rilo kiley & johnathan rice) and the graduate's only every time (which can be pre-ordered heresies). now, i would really like to go to sleep right now, and i will do so.

until next time, xo

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

free download: lucy schwartz's "when we were young"

lucy schwartz's sophomore album, life in letters, will be out on august 31, 2010 (digital release).  i had the chance to catch her @ a show at the hotel cafe back in january, when she played a lot of new material (material which will be on this album).  below is the tracklisting for life in letters:

My Darling
Rain City
I Want The Sky
Life in Letters
Those Days
Shadow Man
Gone Away
Somebody To Save
Take a Picture