Monday, May 26, 2008


i totally identify with the uncontrollable urge to cross out and fix grammar and spelling mistakes... ESPECIALLY in articles. but i still love lolspeak. and i certainly don't write perfectly either.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

do i dazzle you? frequently.

because i can't wait to see rpattz ~*sparkle*~ in a meadow.

Twilight in HD

Saturday, May 24, 2008

no need to say goodbye

respekt can do no wrong... absolutely beautiful.

[regina spektor - the call (audio only)] from the narnia: prince caspian movie.

Monday, May 19, 2008

golly sandra, you've grown up really crazy

long time, no update!

have been enjoying the beginning of summer break. can only hope that i can manage to save some amount of money so i can do a bit of traveling during my last summer vacation ever, or as they say in spanish, mi vacacion de.. okay that doesn't work. i just really wanted to use the word "ultimo" but i'm afraid that was a FAIL.

last wed, saw the yoshida brothers @ the el rey with my parents. this is srs guise. if you think guitar solos are impressive... to call a shamisen solo "impressive" would be an understatement. it was ridic freaking incredible. so much fun, gorgeous lighting, they brought out a dj and also a drummer. it was megauberincreĆ­blespectacular. my dad made fun of me for showing a sudden interest in (my) culture... but whatev. music is music. [you may recognize their song as the one in the nintendo wii ads]

last thurs, saw eisley (for the first time, i might add) with irene and bn, both of whom i probably haven't seen in months, if not 1/2 a year. i really liked the show, it was difficult for me as i didn't own either of their cds prior to seeing them (but promptly bought 2 as the show went on)... but it was still fantastic and i really love their voices together. the crowd was pretty sedate which was helpful... somehow i don't see "moshing" and "eisley" going together. but to each their own.

excited for summer. hopefully hitting up at least one of the noy/the graduate shows. then a few dates of warped tour (in style, of course). what's this i hear about my youth slipping away? good. i'm pretty sure it was just a rumor.

now i really should get back to what i was working on, and stop procrastinating. i'll try to get some more photos up by the end of the month. no promises though. oh, and i've finished all the twilight books, if anyone wants to discuss. haha


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

smile for the paparazzi

lol @ the two links below. srsly.
e! online - Miley Cyrus' Half Brother Scares Us a Little - Miley's Bro: No One Knows Him, He Knows Nothin'

for the record, i'd never heard of hannah montana till recently. and am i the only one that doesn't think she's cute at all with her brown hair? boring. at least when she's blonde w/ bangs, she looks a little... shinier. anyway, according to alee, the only people that don't know metro station are either not 12, or not scene. get with it, stalkarazzi sites! yes, we are a small, insular, arrogant, and self-obsessed community. get over it.

anyway. i learned how to vidchat yesterday so that is the latest on that front. i'm excited for summer.

the video below is so simple, yet touching. you can't watch it without smiling to yourself. unless you like, despise puppies. and hate penguins.

[marie digby - paint me in your sunshine]

so, funny story, i knew her back in the day (we went to saturday school together). and, about 7-8 years later, i was at molly malone's for the world's smallest onerepublic show back in 2006. and she recognized me so she came up to me. RANDOM. she looked familiar but i was impressed by her memory... and look where she is now. jealous. also i may be biased, since she does an supercute cover of umbrella (haha lovelovelove).

she's playing deep rock live (appar that thing that was on quarterlife?) 5/18 so you can check out her myspace to claim your free tix for that. she'll be on tour soon, 6/20 at the el rey.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

moar shows

hells yea.

this week:
- wed 5/7 the oohlas @ spaceland.
- wed 5/7 from first to last cd release show @ whisky-a-go-go. event info here.
- thurs 5/8 get back loretta @ sd epicentre. flyer here.
- thurs 5/8 the morning benders @ the echo.
- sat 5/10 yoshida brothers @ amoeba hwood. in-store.

- mon 5/12 mezzanine owls residency @ spaceland.
- wed 5/14 yoshida brothers @ el rey.
- sat 5/24 margot & the nuclear so-and-so's @ the echo.
- fri 5/30 the graduate, nightmare of you @ knitting factory.
- fri 5/30 metro station @ hob anaheim.
- sat 5/31 the graduate, nightmare of you @ chain reaction.
- sat 5/31 my american heart, daphne loves derby @ troubadour.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

things have changed for me, and that's okay

man, i need to be more committed to the scene. school is cramping my style. it's like, i don't know what's relevant anymore. have i lost touch with the times? even my mother knows what emo is. *deep breath* how long has this thing been up?

view panic (rip !) at the disco's that green gentleman over on