Friday, July 31, 2009

gimme sympathy

announcement: is back. and blogging.

i have listened to nothing but fall out boy, metric, and regina spektor for the past two months. i know, sorry if that gives you a little stomachache thinking about the combo (mostly fall out boy though, y/n? scuse my emo). needless to say, no idea what's going on in that there music world, but i will catch up soon. super behind on those emails too, so patience, plz.

a few projects i plan to undertake during my (hopefully) short stint in funemploymentland:

- writing letters. i never quite launched project snail mail '09, sorry for any letdowns.
- cleaning. room = barely habitable.
- eating good food. bay cities and a few other places with the momzers.
- planning light the night walks '09 for team jack's mannequin. things will get rolling quickly. if you haven't already signed up to walk with us, please do so here! (make sure you hit the "join team" option. we're working on getting the twitter up & running as well, you can find that here)
- traveling. japan = thundercats are go. europe = ::fingerscrossed::
- show-going. any rec's on concerts coming up?
- dvd-watching. twilight, the hills s1, gossip girl, buffy, etc.etc.
- reading. HP 1-6 can finally be unpacked, as can the sookie stackhouse/true blood novels 1-9.

basically, it's going to be a busy season. so excited!

[metric - gimme sympathy music vid]

one of my favorite songs off their album fantasies. emily haines = fierce. if you're curious as to how this whole thing was shot in one take, behind the scene of gimme sympathy is pretty cool.