Monday, May 17, 2010

breakneck speed

just (barely) caught up on over 24 hrs of tweets. never again. time to invest in a phone with internets, srsly. also, i am forgoing chatting with friends right now to bring you this Very Relevant Post, so please be appreciative of my efforts. sorry, IRL friends. after this, at the Very Late Hour of 10:10 PM, i will be asleep.

something corporate reunion show pre-sale happened today at 10:00 AM local time. i'm assuming that is all sold out, so your best bet will be regular on-sale at TBA. i owe e my firstborn child and every child thereafter for getting me tix to the following dates (complete listing here):
- the grove in anaheim 8/27
- club nokia 8/28
in other news, SOMEONE owes me his firstborn child for supporting his career. i'm not naming names, but...

aaaand via scenestar & the TPC newsletter, tokyo police club with be at the el rey theatre on 8/12. tix go on sale 5/20 (this thursday) at 10:00 AM on ticketmaster. TPC is heading out to tour with passion pit during the month of june, and then headline from the end of july to end of august with their labelmates freelance whales as openers. stellar lineup. i highly rec this show!